Ian Holloway – First Cull in the Scorpio Sack Race

Scorpio has to be the most boring month on the football calendar. Many clubs start the season fighting above their weight with optimism brought on by hiring a few extra transfer calories in the summer. The trouble is, as most of us would testify, extra ballast taken on invariably ends up settling around the middle so most of these clubs have now fallen into a kind of mid table anonymity with the early-season enthusiasm dissipating fast and recognition of their natural place in the scheme of things is beginning to take hold. The Champions League is in the middle stage of the early rounds and none of our fab four have lost their place yet but there’s already comments about the length of time the whole thing takes. We don’t even have an England playoff to worry about.

The trouble is there are still sports pages to fill and astrology blogs to write and the lack of interesting subjects causes  pundits to search for yet another angle.  Fortunately the one thing this time of year does provide is the first signs of speculation about the annual managerial sack race.

You can be sure that this is an issue for many chairmen who have it uppermost in their minds at this time of year. Their manager no doubt came to them in the summer with dozens of expensive transfer targets and the promises of the inevitable wondrous performances to be obtained from these few precious stars. By now of course this has been exposed as a product of Neptunian delusion yet said manager when quizzed comes up with a whole list of excuses around injuries, players not settling and homesickness along with more identified targets that have to be followed up in January in order to reignite the clubs ambition. So the chairman is faced with a major dilemma, whether to back the guy and give him what he wants not least because failure to do so would be embarrassing after giving him all that cash in the summer or should the club cut its losses and go for someone new rather than throwing good money after bad.

The Sun is in Scorpio and the whole of nature is dealing with issues of endings, the death of all the leaves and foliage must happen at this time of year in order to create the possibility of new life in the spring so it’s not surprising that chairman up and down the land are looking for a Scorpio type cull in order to resuscitate their clubs fortunes for the second half of the season.

Paulo Di Canio‘s exit after 6 games was extremely early even for the Premier League but the circumstances were exceptional. The real annual cull begins once Scorpio starts and this year the Sun had been in that sign for merely a few hours when Ian Holloway of Crystal Palace became the first casualty. Holloway, of course is a favourite character often because of his attacking style of football but also his entertaining and quirky post match analysis. Nobody had seriously considered Holloway to be the first out of the blocks, many people had Fulham’s Martin Jol as favourite but this all changed once Fulham thrashed Palace courtesy of a couple of goal of the season contenders. Within 48 hours the focus shifted and Holloway had left Palace by mutual consent. Why this phrase is always used is baffling, perhaps in the world of nature trees call press conferences to describe the departure of their fallen leaves as by mutual consent and to thank them for all their great efforts over the previous season.  Although Holloway’s departure might initially have raised a few eyebrows, Palace’s precarious current position makes it seem inevitable in order to give them any chance of renewed Premier League life next season.

The problem with looking at football managers charts is the lack of available birth times. If Holloway was born in the early hours of the day, Uranus and Pluto would be aspecting his Moon, the former by opposition and the latter by square. This would certainly make sense and would explain the sudden, unexpected nature of his departure. It would also fit nicely with the transits occurring when he got the Palace job and again when he got promotion for them via the playoffs.

A quick glance around the Premier League does not offer any clearly obvious candidates for the next place in the Scorpio sack race.  A number of people who might have been predicting or hoping for David Moyes departure. This was never likely to happen, for one thing it would be too much of a loss of face for the United brand. The early season struggles will be shrugged off as teething troubles whilst the new manager finds his feet coupled with a demanding early season fixture list. The real reason is that Moyes has had Saturn opposite his Sun and square his Mars and he was never going to start well with that combination. Saturn moves away from Moyes’ Mars from bonfire night onwards so you would expect him to avoid the fate of Guy Fawkes.

Chris Hughton of Norwich is a possible candidate. Hughton is a well liked and respected figure but that doesn’t always count for much when the team’s struggling and Norwich do seem to fit the picture of a club that made a few largish purchases in the summer who have yet to really set the Premier league alight. Hughton will be relieved if and when he gets through to mid  December as Saturn will have past its opposition to his Mars by then.

Martin Jol was the name mentioned by many but astrologically its difficult to say because of birth times. If he was born around midday he would currently have Neptune conjunct his Moon and this is certainly an aspect that can promote insecurity.

Otherwise the Premier League managers look reasonably safe this year. No doubt the Scorpio cull will hit the Championship and lower leagues with a vengeance but Capricorn Research does not have the time available to study everyone’s charts.

Of course, it may seem harsh to be looking at which managers may be due to lose their job in the coming weeks, but astrology does not deal in good or bad, everything is simply cyclical. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down, sometimes you just don’t know what to feel. Even if a manager loses his job on a Saturn / Neptune downturn, he’ll probably get another when Jupiter / Uranus take over. The pool of managers seems so small that its quite hard to drop out altogether, just ask that Scorpio master of reinvention, Mark Hughes.



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