Another One Bites the Dust

This is an unbelievable season for sacking managers. Most people’s response is with a chorus of boos and the inevitable question of what would have happened to Man United if they had sacked Alex Ferguson during his trophy less first few years. Capricorn Research gets all excited by these events and rushes to look at the planetary ephemeris to check out the positions of those rogues Saturn and Neptune. This may well be a typical hard hearted Capricorn response to a sad situation but the counter argument could be to wonder how many of us mere mortals would settle for a couple of months in a job followed by a massive pay off on a contract for a few years with the almost certain knowledge of being able to pick up another similar role quite quickly.

Rene Muelensteen has only been in charge at Fulham for  two months and despite a couple of great displays against United and Liverpool are still languishing at the bottom of the table and have been humiliated in the Cup by League One side Sheff Utd. This was not what the owner had in mind when he sacked Martin Jol. This is however, what you get when you get replace an underachieving manager who had Neptune conjunct his Sun with a novice who had the same planet opposite his Moon.

At least Muelensteen lasted two months which certainly beat his 16 days at Anzhi Makhachkala after replacing another Dutchman, Guus Hiddink, who he had been brought in to assist. Neptune is still causing trouble for Muelensteen and its hard to know exactly when that will end as we don’t have a birth time which is always a problem when dealing with transits to the Moon.

His replacement is Felix Magath which suggests that Fulham have adopted that tried and trusted method of appointing managers much favoured by England, i.e. make sure that the next bloke is the exact opposite of the last one.

So having replaced a kindly old buffer who everyone liked but had obviously lost the plot with a young thrusting coach with no experience of the top job, they ditch him for an old hand who has done it all but curiously is not currently required in the Bundesliga.

Felix Magath has the Sun in Leo conjunct Mars and opposite the Moon. This is an exceptionally strong combination for a footballer or a manager. In fact he comes close to the Capricorn Research model for the Perfect Manager. A Leo Sun with the Moon in an air sign in aspect to Mars which conjuncts Uranus and squares Neptune are all placings that occur with unexpected frequency in the charts of the very best managers. If you think Louis Van Gaal with a touch of Jose Mourinho then you’re on the right track, plus he’s German.

Magath has the Sun, Moon and Mars all in aspect together which apart from making him a very successful football man, makes his transits much simpler to follow.

His peak as a player came when Pluto transited this combination in 1983 when he scored the winning goal for Hamburg in the European Cup Final against Juventus. Magath was their star player and Hamburg have never come close to repeating such a feat.

He retired from playing in 1986 and began his managerial career also with Hamburg in 1995 when Uranus transited the Sun / Moon / Mars. His first season was very successful and they qualified for the UEFA Cup.

Neptune and Saturn took over from 1997 to 2000 and his career inevitably wobbled. In 97 Hamburg finished a disappointing 13th and Magath was sacked.

He took over FC Nürnberg who were newly promoted to the 2. Bundesliga and were fighting relegation. Nurnberg gained promotion to the Bundesliga, but Magath left apparently due to differences in opinion with the club president. During a short stint at Werder Bremen during the 1998–99 season, Magath lead the club out of relegation places, only for Bremen to find themselves in the relegation dogfight again with two games to go. Halfway through the 1999–00 season, Magath joined troubled Eintracht Frankfurt but was sacked the season after when Frankfurt found themselves third last in January.

Jupiter took over in 2002 and Magath bounced back when he took over VfB Stuttgart who had narrowly avoided relegation in 2001, he took them to become 2002–03 Bundesliga runners-up.

On the strength of this performance he was handed the Bayern Munich job in 2004. Saturn was in the pattern at this point and the responsibility of this big step up was clear. Magath was unaffected, however as he took the League and Cup double in his first season. He couldn’t sustain the early success and was sacked by Bayern in 2007.

Jupiter was in the mix when he led Wolfsburg to the Bundesliga title in 2009. On the back of this he left for Schalke but mixed results meant he was sacked in 2011. He went straight back to Wolfsburg who were threatened with relegation. On the back of another Jupiter transit, Magath steered them to safety but Jupiter was followed by Saturn and a disappointing start to the 2012 – 13 season saw him leave Wolfsburg by mutual consent.

The thing is we’ve never had a German manager in the Premier League before so can he do it over here ? Well Jupiter is about to kick in again but a saviour act for Fulham is a tall order at the moment. Plus the fact that Jupiter doesn’t actually reach his Sun / Moon / Mars until July so it could just mean a very nice holiday in Brazil as a German media pundit. Or perhaps its a big pay off when he gets the boot after shepherding Fulham down into the Championship.

We shall see but if anyone can pull off a dramatic relegation escape it would have to be that notorious managerial firefighter, Felix Magath.


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