Transfer Window ? You’re Having A Laugh

So the transfer window finally closed last night but Capricorn Research doubts if many people stayed up to wait for the usual crazy last minute scramble unless they were fans of Crystal Palace. Its true that Harry Redknapp was involved in 4 deals on deadline day but that constitutes a quiet window for him. Those of us that were expecting entertainment of the sort served up by Fernando Torres leaving Liverpool for £ 50 million and helicopters being engaged in a desperate attempt to spend it all on Andy Carroll were seriously disappointed.

There’s only one story that has had people talking, that of Juan Mata’s transfer from Chelsea to Man Utd. Of course this one has a number of subplots and questions surrounding it. Is Mata the stimulus that rescues David Moyes and turns Man Utd’s disastrous season on its head ? Will it ensure they keep Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie and is it even worth keeping the former if it costs United 300K per week ? Can they use it to attract even bigger names in the summer or is it simply  to prove they can still afford big transfers ? Was it a complete waste of money as their obvious needs are in defence and defensive midfield ?

At the other end of the deal was Jose Mourinho taking leave of his senses to sell such a major player to his direct opponents or was it part of his mind games to show that he doesn’t consider United a threat ? Do Chelsea need the £ 37m to fall in line with FFP and if so was it the most sensible thing to cash in and still get some handy incoming players ?

As everyone knows Mourinho didn’t really fancy Mata despite or perhaps because of the fact that he’d been Chelsea’s player of the year for the last two seasons. Mourinho likes his attacking midfielders to track back and put in a shift, not hang around waiting for the ball to come back to them. The manager’s treatment of Joe Cole in his first Chelsea incarnation is proof of this. For all the fascinating reasons that have been put forward for Juan Mata’s relegation to bit part role under Mourinho’s tenure the obvious one has been completely ignored.

Its a simple astrological fact of life that no manager will see eye to eye with someone if both their Suns and Mars’ are in difficult aspect. Mata’s Sun is at 8 degrees Taurus in square to Mourinho’s at 6 Aquarius. Juan’s Mars is at 14 Aquarius in opposition to Jose’s at 18 Leo. Squares and oppositions pull in different directions and because these are all in Fixed signs they will do so with great stubbornness and determination.

Add to the fact that the frustrating Saturn was opposite Mata’s Sun for the first 6 weeks of the season and square to his Mars through much of the Autumn his disappointing performances have not been a surprise at all. Of course any transits to Mata’s Sun and Mars will inevitably transit Mourinho’s as well thus confirming the manager’s view that the player is certainly not worth £ 37 million. This is particularly true when you consider attacking midfield is Chelsea’s strength with Hazard, Oscar and Willian all vying for places.

Oscar has his Mars in flowing, harmonious trine to Mourinho’s Sun and Willian’s Sun is conjunct Mourinho’s Mars so these two are obviously on the manager’s wavelength. Many people have pointed out that Mourinho has achieved some kind of miracle in getting Eden Hazard so ditch some of the showboating and get back and tackle but then Hazard’s Venus is conjunct the manager’s Sun so some kind of love affair is going on here.

Interestingly Mata’s Mars is also opposite David Moyes Mars but the important point is that they are both Taureans with their Sun’s in close conjunction. More to the point Mata has a Sun / Jupiter conjunction which for Mourinho shows him to be an unnecessary indulgence in a midfield already overstocked with creative geniuses. The same Sun/ Jupiter is conjunct Moyes’s Sun and for the United manager Mata would be seen as the Saviour.

As Mata’s Saturn transits are over now the move to United would be like a reprieve and an opportunity to get back to where he was last season. Moyes’ own Saturn transits to his Sun, Moon and Mars which has overshadowed so much of his early United career are almost over.

Will the transfer to United be a success though ? Early next season both Mata and Moyes Saturn transits are replaced by Jupiter ones so this is when the real benefits of the transfer should be felt.

Chelsea’s other outgoing transfer was Kevin de Bruyne who was signed before Mourinho joined but his Saturn is at 5 degrees 30 Aquarius exactly on his manager’s Sun so that was never going to work.

Mourinho has splurged some of his transfer windfall on Nemanja Matic possibly simply to prove that the Chelsea hierarchy were wrong to let him go him go in the first place. Matic has Jupiter conjunct his Sun at the beginning of next season so should become an important player for Chelsea by then.

Mohammed Salah was hijacked whilst on route to Liverpool. There’s no obvious links with Mourinho’s chart but with the Sun in Gemini opposite the Moon in Sagittarius, Chelsea are obviously going for sheer pace. It should work out fine as long as he doesn’t have to shake hands with the owner.

The Blues have also bought 19 year old central defender Kurt Zouma as a long term replacement for John Terry but are so happy with their captain’s current form that they’ve let the youngster stay with St Etienne for the rest of the season. Zouma has 4 planets in Scorpio and a Moon / Mars conjunction in Leo so he has already been banned for 10 matches for breaking an opponents leg and some punters might say he would be a suitable replacement for the man known as EBJT.

Chelsea transfers apart, the only club paying significant money for anyone was Fulham and thats not something you hear every January.

Fulham had been synonymous with over aged underachievers while Martin Jol was manager and this was new man Rene Muelensteen’s first chance to get rid of some of them. Unfortunately no club in their right mind would pay for any of Fulham’s castoffs so loans and free transfers were used to ease the removal of Phillippe Senderos, Bryan Ruiz, Aaron Hughes, Adel Taarabt and most notably Dimitar Berbatov.

Berbatov and Muelensteen share a rather eccentric Moon / Uranus conjunction but the player’s one is in square to the manager’s. This coupled with the fact that Neptune was creating difficult transits to both meant that Berbatov was on his way. Some eyebrows were raised that his destination turned out be Champions League wannabes Monaco but the Principality has always been a favourite haunt of the old, idle rich.

Muelensteen then splurged £ 11m on Konstantinos Mitroglou, to most of us he is a bit of an unknown quantity but he did score 4 hat tricks in a month earlier this season including one in the Champions League against Anderlecht. Its difficult to know what these exploits in the Greek League are worth but Mitroglou’s Sun is conjunct Muelensteen’s Mars and their Moons are in trine so it looks like being a positive relationship.

Talking of new managers not appreciating players that they have been saddled with brings us to Wilfried Zaha, the man who single handedly dragged Crystal Palace into the Premier League only to be rewarded by a place on the bench at Man United’s reserve games. Zaha is blessed with a powerful Sun / Pluto conjunction in Scorpio but this is opposite his Moon and square to the difficult Saturn.

David Moyes’ Moon is in conjunction with Zaha’s Moon but that unfortunately means its in opposition with his Sun. This was never going to work whilst Saturn was around so the best place for him for the rest of the season is with Man United’s second team or Cardiff City as they are currently known.

Another struggling club stretching the loan system as far as it could go is Crystal Palace who were involved in 5 transfers on deadline day. The biggest name here is Tom Ince who must be a confused young man as he’s been linked with just about every team in Europe over the last month and his Dad and manager Paul got the sack for driving him to Monaco to try and arrange a bizarre deal that would have cheated his own club out of a development fee of up to £ 3m. Tom Ince is obviously a star in the making but he will have to get used to setbacks and confusion as his Sun is exactly conjunct Saturn and Mars is with Neptune.

The one other deal of note took Yohan Cabaye from Newcastle to Paris St Germain’s reserve bench for a mere £ 19m. Such a move might make financial sense for Mike Ashley but not just before a game with hated local rivals Sunderland, particularly if you’re planning to sit in the crowd. The Newcastle owner has always been thick skinned and will no doubt ride it along with all the other abuse aimed his way over the years. Unfortunately no birth data is available for Ashley, there even seems to be confusion as to what year he was born. Capricorn Research believes this to be a deliberate attempt to avoid being the subject of one of these blogs.

Other than this the main stories are the ones that got away, particularly at Liverpool. One can imagine a transatlantic phone conversation between manager Brendan Rodgers and owner John W Henry  ‘ Sorry its a bad line.. what’s that you want to buy a Salad – sure no problem. And Yevhen Konoplyanka from Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk .. Can you spell that please.. oops too late the window’s closed.

And of course Manchester City, trying to decide whether to add another £ 50 m worth of talent to their ranks so they can win every game 7-0 instead of 6. Fortunately for all of us they held off until the summer.

Really in terms of pure entertainment the transfer window was rubbish, and now we’ve got to wait until June and even that one won’t get going until after the World Cup.  Can’t we start another one for February ?


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