Alfredo Di Stefano – Cancer’s Club v Country

What three things do Raul, Zinedine Zidane and Gareth Bale have in common ?

Most football fans could easily get two of them. They have all played for Real Madrid and also scored in their club’s Champions League final victories. The other thing is that they all have the Sun in Cancer.

Cristiano Ronaldo might beg to differ but surely Madrid’s greatest player is somewhere in that trio.

No, in fact not even close. The greatest by a street was also a Sun Cancer, Alfredo Di Stefano who eclipsed the feats of all the others by scoring in 5 consecutive European Cup Finals for Madrid, including a hat trick in the 1960 game.

But Di Stefano was no ordinary Cancer, he had the Sun closely conjunct Pluto.


Alfredo di Stefano

His Sun / Pluto conjunction is exactly square to a powerful Mars in Aries and this is no doubt the combination that made him such a great star.

Footballers with a Water sign emphasis seem to play on an intuitive level, they have a natural feel for the game and an instinct for being in the right place to give or receive the perfect pass.

Di Stefano’s Cancer Sun in sextile aspect with the physically robust Moon in Taurus created a formidable player, but the square to Mars is what gave him such a strong competitive edge.

Top level success in sport requires a combination of attributes and these are invariably to do with the essential positions of the Sun, Moon and Mars. Di Stefano’s collection of these three ensured that he would be one of the greatest.

Cancer is the sign of the home lover, with a close attachment to one’s family and roots. Its invariably the case that someone with the Sun in Cancer will have these themes running strongly throughout their life.

Yet with the Sun in conjunction with Pluto, there will be profound changes to one’s sense of one’s own roots. Pluto is the planet of revolution, its transits act dramatically, sweeping away the past in order for something completely new to occur.

Di Stefano was born in Argentina, but he ended up as a Spanish citizen and he played international football for three countries, Argentina, Colombia and Spain, a feat that was not only unique but current FIFA laws would render impossible.

He had to overcome a lot of difficulties in the early part of his career, but he was chiefly known for his exploits in Spain with Real.

Of course Real Madrid have just made history by winning Europe’s premier competition for the 10th time and it would be hard to dispute their standing as the world’s biggest and most successful club. We tend to assume that this was always the case, but in 1953 when Di Stefano arrived from South America, Real were in the doldrums. Their neighbours Athletico and rivals Barcelona dominated the Spanish league at the time.

In fact Di Stefano was actually on his way to Barcelona but the move was hijacked by Real president Santiago Bernabeu. It is often said that Bernabeu was the creator of the finest club side ever to play the game but this reputation is almost entirely down to his pinching Di Stefano from under Barca’s noses.

But if there was one club that Alfredo Di Stefano was destined to play for it was Real.

Real Madrid

The chart for Real has the Sun conjunct Mars in Pisces in close flowing trine aspect to di Stefano’s Sun / Pluto in Cancer. Real’s Sun is also the apex of a T Square in which the closest aspect is its square to Pluto showing how important players with a Sun / Pluto contact would be in the club’s history.

A very important feature of Di Stefano’s chart is that he has a T Square based on an opposition between Jupiter and Neptune which focuses on an apex Saturn.

Jupiter is to do with expanding horizons of travel abroad and in the football world, exotic foreign transfers. Saturn is to do with restrictions and obstructions and being held back from what you really want to do in life. Neptune, particularly in the football world seems to create a climate of confusion and even deception, where things that were thought to be accepted fact, turn out to be anything but.

As befitting someone who had the planet so close to his Sun, the key moments in his career were picked out by Pluto’s transits through his chart.

Alfredo di Stefano made his big breakthrough in 1947 when playing for River Plate in his homeland of Argentina, probably at the time when Pluto was square to his Moon. He also played 7 times for Argentina scoring 7 goals as they won the Copa America in that year.

Between 1949 and 56, Pluto was moving through his T square. In 1949, di Stefano’s career was obstructed and frustrated ( Saturn ) by a players strike in Argentina. His response to this situation was to move to Colombia (  Jupiter ) and he played for a few years for the club Millionarios in that country. Naturally there was considerable opposition to this move in Argentina and there was confusion and dispute ( Neptune ) about which club actually owned the player.

Pluto was square to Saturn during the player’s strike and his move to Colombia.

The one sadness about his career was that he never got to play in a World Cup. In a parallel issue for his country, Pluto was also square his Saturn in 1950 when Argentina refused to take part in the tournament in Brazil that year.

Di Stefano’s response was to play for Colombia ( Jupiter ). He appeared in two friendlies for his newly adopted country but there was confusion about this ( Neptune ) and these matches were not recognised by FIFA.

Pluto was conjunct Neptune in 1953 when he was transferred to Real, an appopriate symbol when we considered the circumstances.

Real had first noticed Di Stéfano when Millonarios, defeated Madrid in a friendly. The Madrid president, Santiago Bernabéu was greatly impressed with Di Stéfano, and reached an agreement  for the striker’s transfer to Real.

Barcelona were also interested. Joan Busquets-Baró, a Catalan living in Colombia was brought in to speed up the talks with Millonarios. However, Busquets was a director of Millonarios’ rivals Santa Fe and seems to have tried more to sabotage the deal than to secure it.

River Plate, who owned the rights of the player, had accepted the transfer on the condition that Millonarios also agreed upon the transfer, but Millonarios was no longer interested.

Di Stéfano signed a deal with Barcelona, and FIFA, who didn’t know anything about Di Stéfano having left Millonarios without permission, authorized the transfer from River Plate. The Spanish Federation, however, did not recognize the deal and insisted that both Millonarios and River Plate’s consent were needed in order for Di Stéfano to sign up with a Spanish club. By this point, Real Madrid had signed their own transfer agreement with Millonarios. Di Stéfano arrived in Spain to conclude his contract with Barcelona but during the discussions with the Federation, Real Madrid’s president Santiago Bernabéu, acting upon the apparent division within the Barcelona management, convinced him to sign for them instead.

This episode has been a sore point for the fans of Barcelona and many still claim the conspiracy theory that di Stefano ended up at Real because of the influence of General Franco. Indeed the whole transfer saga has added fuel to the tremendous rivalry and even hatred between Barcelona and Real. It is Catalonia v Spain, the Spanish civil war being carried on by other means, and the resentment over di Stefano’s transfer still fans the flames even 60 years later.

With conspiracy theories and confusion over ownership rights and the erosion of a transfer that had been accepted, the Neptune theme works well here.

Jupiter stands for success and Real and Di Stefano’s first European Cup win in 1956 occurred as Pluto opposed his Jupiter. Jupiter’s connection with travels abroad meant that it was also fitting that he acquired Spanish citizenship and made his debut for Spain under this transit. Unfortunately even Di Stefano’s presence wasn’t enough to help Spain qualify for the 1958 World Cup.

In the summer of 1969 the BBC ran a series of programmes entitled Match of the Decade. A teenage Capricorn Research watched avidly convinced that the winner would be one of his own favourites, England 1966 obviously or Man United in 68, Celtic’s Lisbon Lions or George Best’s 5th Beatle impersonation against Benfica in 66. He was astonished to see the European Cup Final of 1960 where Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas scored 7 between them against Eintracht Frankfurt. At one point in the game Eintracht had the temerity to equalise. Di Stefano received the ball straight from the kick off and ran through the defence to score.

It was appropriate that the one time everyone did get to see him on TV was when Pluto was square his Venus in May 1960.

Di Stefano’s life and his career had been dominated by Pluto’s transits. He was born with Pluto conjunct his Sun so it was only fitting that the final curtain call came with his death in July 2014 with the planet at 12 degrees Capricorn, exactly opposite his Sun.

It’s fascinating that the worlds greatest players have been Water signs. It is really difficult to choose between a Scorpio forward line of Garrincha, Maradona, Muller and Pele, and the Cancerian one of Raul, Zidane, Messi and Di Stefano. It’s also really interesting that the Scorpios are renowned mainly for their achievements with their countries whilst the Cancerians are mostly noted for their exploits with their club sides. Interesting also that all 4 of these Cancerian superstars had their Sun in aspect to Pluto.

If Di Stefano had featured in an Argentine side in the World Cup or more of his Real appearances had been captured on global TV, he would surely be recognised as the best.

There has always been much talk about who was the worlds greatest ever player, Pele or Maradona. Of course Diego would always nominate himself but if you asked Pele, he would say neither, for him it was Di Stefano.

And ultimately there can be no higher honour.



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