Jupiter in the Transfer Window

It seems almost sacrilegious to discuss transfers before the World Cup final has been played but this is always the way with Astrology. We humans are bombarded by events and desperately wondering how to make the most of them, whilst the planets themselves don’t care a bit, they are already arranging the next guys experience.

This is particularly the case with Jupiter. The giant planet is always looking to the next horizon. Whilst Capricorn Research is trying to figure out whether it’s return to 29 degrees Cancer for Argentine manager Alejandro Sabella is strong enough for one last trip to the bookies this tournament, Jupiter really has it’s mind on other things.

Cancer it seems is so last season. The brilliance of Gareth Bale and even James Rodriguez is rapidly consigned to the past, a fact Real Madrid might like to consider before they spend 100 million bringing the two together.

Jupiter is fast moving into Leo and it’s first port of call is the Premier League. One of the real joys of this World Cup is that we’ve gone a whole month without any mention of Jose Mourinho. The special one is about to make up for that big time as Jupiter opposes his Sun.

In fact there are a number of top Premier League managers that have important points at around 5 degrees of the Fixed signs. Like his former mentor at Chelsea, Brendan Rogers has his Sun at 5 degrees Aquarius and Arsene Wenger has the Moon at 6 Scorpio.

Last season’s transfer window was the dullest in recorded history. This is entirely down to Saturn being stationery around 4 – 6 Scorpio for the whole summer. In fact it’s chief target was David Moyes with the Sun at 5 Taurus. With the benefit of hindsight we can see that his whole United reign was damaged beyond repair by his inability to make any of his targets last summer.

This season is the opposite. Jupiter is moving quickly towards 5 Leo and the first big hit will undoubtedly be the move of serial biter Luis Suarez from Liverpool to Barcelona.

Suarez has his Sun at 4 Aquarius, the close conjunction with Rodgers Sun goes some way towards explaining the empathy and support of the manager towards his errant charge. They also share a Moon sign, yes you guessed it, Scorpio.

Jupiter of course is all about exotic foreign travel, and it’s oppositions tend towards extravagance. A vastly inflated fee would be expected for someone who will miss the first quarter of the season and probably many more games if Barca neglect to give him proper nutritional advice.

Many people might be wondering why on earth Barca want to spend all that dosh on a player that is surely more trouble than he’s worth, particularly as they seem intent on getting rid of a perfectly good striker who has had a much more auspicious World Cup than the Uruguayan.

What they don’t realise is that Barca President Josep Bartomeu is a gifted astrologer who has reasoned that all of Suarez’s eccentric behaviour has been caused by Pluto aspecting his Mars at 11 Aries and that this transit will be over once Luis gets his boots back on again. So its a no brainer, as is getting rid of Alexi Sanchez who happens to have his Mars at 14 Aries so is next in the firing line.

Liverpool wanted to do a cash plus part exchange deal including Sanchez, but this has been thwarted by the Chilean sriker’s desire to head for London and Arsenal in particular. Could be a lucky let off for Brendan Rodgers, but with Pluto, who knows. Capricorn Research is looking forward to witnessing the next instalment and believes it could be related to Sanchez tendency to do strange things with his shorts.

It’s entirely appropriate that Arsenal’s own big transfer of the summer is to be held up by the Suarez situation. Wenger’s Moon is slightly later than Suarez and Rodgers’ Sun and so once again their summer dealings are inextricably linked.

Last year we had the thwarted £ 40 million and 1 bid together with observations about the Arsenal board’s smoking habits and the resulting impasse. This summer we have both clubs on the verge massive deals. Thats the difference between Saturn and Jupiter for you.

With Jupiter moving so fast there will be lots of developments. There are so many articles about astrology and football entering Capricorn Research’s head that it would take a small army of bloggers to do them justice. But the rest of the transfer window can wait, we’ve still got one last big game to watch.

The one thing we can be certain of is whatever happens in the next month, with Jupiter opposite his Aquarian Sun, Jose Mourinho will give us all the benefit of his opinions about it.



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