Brazil – Mars in Libra’s Jogo Bonito

Astrology is all about symbols and the simpler they are, the more perfect. Brazilian football has always been linked to the phrase ” o jogo bonito ” , the beautiful game first used by the master himself, Pele.

Football is like all sport ruled by Mars and the most beautiful sign is commonly accepted to be Libra so we would expect this symbolism to feature in a chart for the Brazilian national side.


Brazil 1st international

The Brazil chart has not only got Mars in Libra but the Moon and Mercury as well. It’s not just about the beautiful game, they have great technical skills as well as shown by the Sun in Virgo, but the thing that has drawn us all to love the Brazilian national team is the feeling that they have at times expressed something that approaches the divine. Their skills have often looked as if they have come from another world.

This is referenced in the chart by the aspects of both the Sun and Mars to Neptune. It has also brought them phenomenal success. The five times World Champions have the Moon and Mercury in square to a Jupiter / Uranus conjunction.

Of these five trophies the one that is always referred to as the Brazilian archetype is the 1970 side. The 2014 World Cup has been a joy for Capricorn Research but it had nothing on the tournament in Mexico which occurred as an early finish to a school year due to taking ‘ O ‘ Levels made it possible to watch every game.

As every reader of these pages will know, the most powerful transit that can occur to anyone or anything is that of Pluto conjunct the Sun and this happened to Brazil in the summer of 1970.

Anyone who witnessed this tournament would be in no doubt that they saw not only the greatest ever team but also the best player in history. If the Brazilian Sun at 26 degrees Virgo was touched with divinity that summer, there’s no doubt as to who was God.



Pele was their inspiration which is astrologically fitting because his Neptune was also at 26 Virgo conjunct the Brazilian Sun. This Neptune was a critical planet in Pele’s chart as it’s conjunct his Venus in his first house.

Neptune also occupies a crucial position by aspect as well because its part of a pattern called an Easy Opposition. This is based on an opposition between Mercury and Uranus, a combination that shows Pele’s movement and his thinking were operating at another even lateral level from the rest of football.

There were many demonstrations of this during 1970, including the most outrageous dummy on a goalkeeper ever seen and the shot from the halfway line executed before David Beckham was even born. Even the simplest action like his control of that pass from Jairzinho and his patient wait for the run of Carlos Alberto before releasing an inch perfect pass for the finest goal in history, was divine in its conception.

The opposition between Mercury and Uranus flows effortlessly towards Neptune because it is trine and sextile to them both. That Pluto was transiting this pattern as it was the Brazilian Sun shows Pele’s role in the greatest national side in history.

And of course, Pele as the exponent of jogo bonito also has Mars in Libra, conjunct the Brazilian Moon and Mercury.

And Pele’s Sun is conjunct the Brazilian Mars. Of course, this was not the first time the master graced the World Cup Final, as a seventeen year old he scored twice in the 1958 win as Jupiter was conjunct Pele’s Sun and the Brazil Mars.

The 1962 World Cup for Brazil was dominated by the transit of Neptune.

Another factor in the Brazil chart that accounts for their phenomenal success is the exact square between Venus and Jupiter. In 1962 Neptune was conjunct the Brazil Venus and square Jupiter.

This was achieved largely without Pele however as he was injured in one of the early games and didn’t play again that summer. The same Neptune was opposition Pele’s Jupiter / Saturn conjunction, showing how he would miss out.

1966 was a failure for Brazil as they didn’t make it out of the qualifying group. This was due to Saturn opposing the Brazil Sun and also opposite Pele’s Neptune as he missed one game through injury and was brutally fouled in the group decider against Portugal and was left limping through the rest of the match in the last tournament before substitutes were used.

After Pele’s retirement, Brazil failed to win the World Cup again for 24 years until 1994 when Pluto was conjunct the Sun and Uranus square to Mars.

By the time of the next World Cup in 1998 there was a new best player in the world, also with Mars in Libra.



Like Pele, Ronaldo has Mars in Libra square to the Moon in Cancer and it was also conjunct the Brazil Moon and Mercury.

But the stunning synastry doesn’t end there. Ronaldo’s Sun is exactly conjunct the Brazil Sun. Surely the omens for 1998 were there as Jupiter was in aspect to both. This aspect was an opposition however, but the key turned out to be Neptune.

Confusion reigned as Neptune was opposite its natal position in the Brazil chart. Ronaldo had apparently suffered from convulsions before the 1998 final, he was initially withdrawn from the team sheet but then appeared anyway. He was obviously out of sorts and had a poor game as Brazil lost to a Zidane inspired France 3 – 0. A number of conspiracy theories were put forward, including the one that Brazil were put under pressure to play their star by their sponsors. Neptune certainly ruled that day.

Both Ronaldo and Brazil got back to winning ways with their 5th trophy in the next tournament in 2002 when Jupiter was sextile to both their Suns. But in truth this victory was more to do with the manager.

Phil Scolari

Big Phil Scolari has a Venus / Neptune conjunction in Libra exactly on Brazil’s Moon and Mercury and after the disappointment of 1998, soon had the fans dreaming of o jogo bonito again.

In 2002, Pluto was conjunct Scolari’s Mars an aspect that was almost bound to deliver the World Cup.

Things haven’t always gone Brazil’s way and Neptune made its presence felt in 1950 when the tournament was held in their own country. As with the 1998 tournament they rode easily through to the final and expected to win by right only to be humiliated by neighbours Uruguay.

Neptune was conjunct Brazil’s Mercury at the time and Saturn was in Virgo, fast applying to conjunct the Brazil Sun.

The 2014 tournament was also destined to be about one player, and in a strange way it was.


Neymar also has interesting synastry to the Brazil chart, but the aspects are not as fruitful as Pele and Ronaldo’s.

Granted Neymar’s Sun is conjunct the Brazil Jupiter but this might not be as good as it sounds because Saturn is also there. This is a theme that will probably operate throughout Neymar’s life. He seems to be a man destined for great things but there seems to be something ( the Sun conjunct Saturn ) that will hold him back and frustrate his ambition.

Neymar has a powerful Venus / Uranus / Neptune / Mars conjunction but it is in square to the Brazilian Libra grouping.

Neymar’s Sun is in exact square to Scolari’s Sun and you had only to witness the pre tournament press conferences to see how how close manager and star player were.

Saturn however was even closer to both of them, being conjunct Phil’s Sun and square to Neymar’s. A disaster was inevitable as the strikers back injury robbed Brazil of the one factor that was appearing to propel them towards they 6th title in front of their own fans.

Pluto was also conjunct Neymar’s Venus and square to Brazil’s Mercury and Scolari’s Neptune dream.

Ironically the manager who took full advantage of Scolari’s Saturn transit, was German Joachim Low who had the same Pluto conjunct Mars in 2014 that Big Phil had in 2002.

The 7 -1 humiliation handed out by Germany will no doubt send the nation into a period of mourning similar to Uruguay’s win at the Maracana in 1950.

So when will ” O Jogo Bonito ” return ? It will probably not be straight away but Neptune in Pisces opposite Brazil’s Sun in 2022 has an interesting look about it. It will certainly restore the dreams again.



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