Germany – An Apex Sun in Aries Will Always Win

After being on the receiving end of one of those penalty shootouts, Gary Lineker famously said ” Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win. ” Like many simple statements, this one has been effortlessly absorbed into football folklore because ultimately we know its true. 

Many have attempted to answer the obvious question ” why ? “. Arguments have been put forward based on the technical efficiency that seems to be part of the nation’s psyche. Some punters have put it all down to the idea that their players seem to ” want it more ” than any of their opponents. This can’t be the answer, otherwise the increasingly desperate English would have surely beaten them at some point.

It seems that the Germans must have something in the collective DNA that pushes them to assert themselves more strongly when it counts. Its not something you can try to be, they simply are winners. There is only one sign that has the single minded assertiveness and competitiveness to be this symbol and that is Aries.


Germany 1st International

But this is not just an ordinary Sun in Aries, it is the apex of a T Square.  This is an aspect pattern of tremendous compulsion. Two planets are in opposition, in this case Uranus and Neptune and are pulling very strongly in different directions creating tension and a challenge that has to be resolved. This tension is forced onto the third planet which is in square to them both.

In Capricorn Research’s experience, a T Square with an apex Sun is the most powerful aspect pattern in existence and the fact that it is in Aries indicates an insistence and an extreme competitiveness that cannot be harnessed or halted by anyone.

The only downside of an aspect like this might be an Arien inability to finish the job but this is rendered irrelevant due to Mars’ position in that most determined sign, Taurus.

Uranus and Neptune bring creative inspiration and an ability to think laterally but this is given a powerful focus and clear sense of direction by the Aries Sun.

Germany of course have won the World Cup four times and been in 7 finals. Their first one was 1954 when they unexpectedly beat the favourites, Hungary to the title.

Jupiter was in the T square, conjunct Neptune and square the Sun at the time.

But for Germany, it doesn’t seem to matter which planet is there as long as its in the T square. They won the 1974 tournament in their own country with Saturn in the same position, conjunct Neptune and square the Sun.

This theme continued in 1990 when they won the tournament in Italy with Neptune as trigger this time. Neptune was conjunct Uranus and square the Sun at the time.

The final piece of this jigsaw was completed in 2014, when the remaining two planets, Uranus and Pluto hit the T Square, with Pluto conjunct Neptune and Uranus conjunct the Sun.

The Germans have had the occasional low point, like when Saturn was conjunct their Moon in 2001 when they lost 5 – 1 to England, but the thing about Aries is that they are entirely unaffected by the occasional loss, they just go straight out and do it again. They still reached the final of the 2002 World Cup as Pluto was trine their Sun.

Unfortunately, Capricorn Research only found out about the German chart just before the final of the Brazil World Cup, otherwise a considerable amount of money would have been placed on the Germans to win the tournament. This was compounded by the manager Joachim Low having his Mars at 15 degrees Capricorn so smack in the middle of the German T square and with Pluto and Uranus transiting it at the time.

But astrology more than anything is about symbols, and the one thing that we are left with from Brazil is the only goal of the final scored in extra time by the guy that Low brought on as a substitute, Mario Gotze.

Mario Gotze

Extraordinarily Gotze also has a T square involving Uranus and Neptune with an apex planet, fittingly Mars, in Aries.

The Moon as the other member of this pattern falls exactly on the German Uranus and square to its Sun.

The German achievement in being the first European team to win in South America, far outweighs any of their previous victories. Pluto and Uranus on the German T square meant it was preordained and Gotze’s contribution was the nation’s destiny.

The only consolation for supporters from the rest of the world might be that now each of the 5 outer planets have made their transits to the T Square, so the German domination might end. In the case of the outer 3 planets this is true as Uranus and Neptune don’t get back to the T square until the 2034 World Cup. Saturn however, is not far away from it for the 2018 tournament.

Frank Skinner and David Baddiel’s ” Three Lions ” contained the refrain ” Football’s Coming Home ” for the 1996 European Championships in England. Not only did the Germans beat us on penalties again in the semi finals but they also nicked our song. But what can you expect from a nation with the Sun in Aries square Neptune in Cancer ?


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