The Window on Football’s Soul – Transfer Winners and Losers

Capricorn Research loves the transfer window. So many people moan about it and say it should be over once the season starts, but why do we all love football if its not for the entertainment and unpredictability. The early season games would be so boring if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone can get all worked up about Arsene Wenger refusing to buy a striker and all and sundry giving Louis Van Gaal advice on which 50 million plus players are needed to play 3 – 5 – 2.

Its not great for astrologers though who are expected to get their predictions in before the season starts. How can you do this without access to all the charts of the players concerned ?

This writer’s predictions were put in place before a ball was kicked in anger but the right to alter them was reserved depending on the business concluded at the end of the window.

So who has done the best business in the last few weeks ?

Well the final day’s drama was all about Man. Utd and their surprising and bizarre acquisition of Radamel Falcao.  Falcao’s loan came just hours after United’s failure to score at Burnley.

If deadline day had been a few days earlier after the 4 – 0 thrashing against MK Dons, they would surely have been chasing a pair of galactico centre backs. They say its good to live in the moment, responding to the situation at the time but a memory that lasts a week can also come in handy.

Apparently we have to now call them Gaalacticos. But just like Madrid the Real question is how are United going to play them all together. Capricorn Research has come up with the perfect tactical formation.

Both Falcao and Van Persie have a dodgy knee, so tie their legs together and they can count as one player. The combination won’t be any fatter than Rooney and they will be phenomenal in the air.

All the pundits are saying its a classic example of United having no long term planning, and many of them discounting the short term as well.

But then it’s only people with access to an ephemeris that have any hope of long term vision so Capricorn Research is happy to reveal that Falcao’s loan move is all part of a coherent plan.

He has his Sun at 22 degrees Aquarius. Jupiter is currently moving through the opposite sign Leo. It will oppose Falcao’s Sun through November and December this year and again in the summer of 2015.

If any transit symbolises obscenely large transfer fees, it has to be Jupiter opposite the Sun. In fact it was this very transit that prompted Capricorn Research to predict Luis Suarez departure to Spain even before the latest bite. Suarez has the Sun at 4 degrees Aquarius and Jupiter opposed it at the end of July, beginning of August.

So Falcao being on loan now to be followed by a gigantic Jupiter transfer splurge next summer sounds about right. but there is another interesting factor, Cristiano Ronaldo has his Sun at 17 degrees Aquarius also expecting the Jupiter at the end of the season.

For the biggest exhibitionist the football world has ever seen, such a transit presents a massive challenge. So either Ronaldo will score a hat trick in the Final, as Madrid become the first team to win back to back Champions League titles, and will celebrate by taking of all his kit, not just his shirt or he will be part of the swap deal of the century taking him back home to Old Trafford whilst Falcao heads in the other direction or possibly even both.

This deal has surely already been arranged as Ed Woodward emerges as the greatest poker player / football negotiator in history and the whole David Moyes / Marouane Fellaini saga was part of an elaborate bluff.

Just remember you heard it here first.

But will it work in the meantime ? Falcao’s transits are mixed. The prolific Jupiter opposite Sun is countered by aspects to his Mars. At the beginning of 2014 he had Saturn square his Sun and Neptune square his Sagittarius Mars, a perfect symbol for the leg injury that robbed him of a stellar role with Colombia in the World Cup.

Saturn returns to the same place in October so its unlikely that we will see a complete recovery from Falcao until November.  Neptune remains in position until early December but Jupiter is opposite his Sun from the beginning of November to the New Year so we should expect an avalanche of goals at this stage.

Unfortunately Saturn comes to conjunct his Mars from mid February to the middle of April, so don’t be surprised if more injuries rule him out for a while.

Of course, Falcao was just the latest of United’s big money late transfers. Angel di Maria for 60 million looks on paper like another one they didn’t need. How important he will be to United this season depends on what time of day he was born.

If its the afternoon then Pluto is just about to conjunct his Moon which means we are going to see a powerful impact. But probably not so much in November when Saturn is square to his Sun.

But perhaps the most interesting thing is that di Maria is also an Aquarian with his Sun at 25 degrees of the sign. Jupiter will oppose his Sun next summer as well. Maybe he’s also part of the swap deal.

Perhaps he’s got a clause that promises him a big move if United don’t qualify for the Champions League next season. Maybe Real will blow a gasket and buy him back for 100 million.

Another signing was Argentinian defender Marcus Rojo who had Jupiter opposite his Mars when his transfer to United went through.

The problem with this is that like Luke Shaw who had Jupiter conjunct his Sun when he signed, is that the transfer itself may be the peak. Just getting on United’s wage roll might be the height of their achievements.

With Rojo it’s difficult to tell because if he was born in the late afternoon or evening he has Pluto conjunct his Moon just like di Maria which would be a major turning point.  If he was born in the morning or lunchtime this peak would have already passed.

Daley Blind has also come on board presumably on the basis that he’s Dutch and United need a whole job lot of defenders and midfielders and he is versatile enough to be able to play in all of these positions, just not all at the same time unfortunately.

Blind has got nothing of any note happening astrologically so he’s not going to save United on his own.

In forecasting United to finish 2nd there was an assumption that they would use some of their obscene transfer funds to buy Mats Hummels who since he would have Pluto square his Mars would add some much needed steel to that defence.

Its hard to know where to place them now. Whether they finish in 4th or 5th place is probably down to whether Di Maria and Rojo were born in the afternoon.

Capricorn Research has spent most of the summer cajoling any Premier League side to buy Mario Balotelli. This is not just because of an addiction to his childish antics. Mario asks ” Why always Me ? ” Its because he’s got a T square with Mars opposition Pluto focused onto an apex Sun in Leo, thats why and Jupiter is about to transit that lot this season so its vital that we have a ringside seat. 16 million is cheap for an entrance fee for this sort of entertainment.

And as Daniel Sturridge is going to have Neptune opposite his Sun next Mars and April, Liverpool are going to need another source of goals.

Despite his debut gift to Stevan Jovetic, Alberto Moreno is going to be a stunning buy at left back. Pluto opposite his Sun points to a big breakthrough year. Much the same can be said for Liverpool’s other Spanish full back, Javier Manquillo who has Uranus conjunct his Mars this season. Luis Suarez had the same transit last season so maybe we should look out for some biting tackles.

So because of these 3 late deals, I’m going to upgrade Liverpool from 6th to top four.

Chelsea of course did most of their business early on in the window, giving them the chance to integrate Diego Costa and start really strongly. They did pick up Loic Remy at the end however and he has the Moon in mid Aquarius, conjunct Mourinho’s Moon. As Jupiter is opposite both Remy will play his part in Chelsea’s successes this season.

The Blues finally offloaded Fernando Torres on a two year loan deal to Milan which sounds very much like giving him away without the embarrassment of registering a £ 50 million loss. Torres has the Moon conjunct Saturn in mid Scorpio in square to Mourinho’s Moon / Saturn so its amazing he has lasted this long to be honest.

Jose is not all that keen on Taureans and Scorpios as they make square aspects to his Sun, Moon and Mars, witness Lukaku, Mata, Casillas, Luiz. But he does seem to know what he wants, so Chelsea even more certain to finish top of the league this season.

Arsenal after a cacophony of wailing and gnashing of teeth from the fans about spending some of the season ticket money on a striker, went and took Danny Welbeck on loan from United, a move which just increased the volume of complaints.

Welbeck has been the butt of a lot of criticism over his England performances amidst much general confusion about what he really does on the pitch anyway. This is entirely because he has had Neptune creating a T square to his Sun and Mars for the last couple of years.

The good news for Welbeck is that this aspect will finish in February 2015. The bad news is it will be replaced by Saturn conjunct his Sun and opposite his Mars. It may well turn out that the best piece of transfer business United have done is to get Arsenal to pay Welbeck’s wages whilst he works his way through this transit.

Arsenal fans are lucky in that they will still have plenty to moan about during the coming season.

Man City have obviously done nothing apart from dumping Alvaro Negredo with Valencia for a year. This means they avoid Saturn square his Sun towards the end of this year but it was a mistake because they also miss out on Jupiter’s conjunction with his Mars. Given that his Mars is conjunct Mercury and opposite Jupiter at birth and Jupiter’s transit through this lot occurs over the next few months and again at the very end of the season, City have just got rid of the man most likely to provide the last minute goal that decides the title. Negredo has very similar transits to Sergio Aguero when he won the league for City with the last kick of the 2011 – 12 season.

Spurs have picked up a couple of players at the end of the window and got rid of a few on loan, but being Spurs they managed to pick ones that had nothing significant going on astrologically. Eric Dier may well be one to watch in a few years time but theres nothing to suggest Tottenham will make it into the top 4.

There are of course other teams that have picked up players at the end of the window, but to cover all of them would take until the next window started. Even Hull City’s last day picks would take another week to research and write about.

So the revised predictions for the season are

1  Chelsea

2  Man City

3  Liverpool

4 / 5 Arsenal or Man Utd depending on di Maria and Rojo’s birth times.

6  Everton

7  Spurs

The window might have only been closed a few hours but all these big stars with their Suns in late Aquarius has Capricorn Research already salivating about next summer’s window.

There’s no way I can wait until January, can’t we have another little one before then ? What about the first decanate of Scorpio with the window closing at midnight on Halloween ? That would be perfect.





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