2014 – 15 How Was It For You ?

So that’s all over then. It has seemed like a long time since the first ball was kicked back in August, although addicts like Capricorn Research are going to suffer 10 weeks of withdrawals with no summer tournaments.

Many people have written this season off as boring and predictable, but its all very well saying that in the last few weeks. How many of them told us what would happen before it started ?

Capricorn Research is content with his predictions for the season made last summer.

Its true that Chelsea to win the League is not quite comparable with David Cameron to win with an outright majority – see David Cameron’s Jupiter Return but as everyone says, you can only predict what’s in front of you.

So this is what we turned out last summer. When it comes to it astrology usually gets the big ones right.


” Thibault Courtois has an extraordinary chart with a Grand Trine in Earth and a Sun / Pluto / Saturn T Square, you really couldn’t get much better for a goalkeeper.

We should expect Cech to leave Chelsea next summer, with the younger man in his place.

John Terry is still there. Terry surprised everyone last season by playing some of his best football at the age of 33. This was because he’s had Pluto conjunct his Mars which has given him a new lease of life. This transit continues to the end of 2014

Chelsea new boy Diego Costa will have Pluto square to and Uranus opposite his Sun so we are about to witness a display of power not seen from someone with a Libran Sun since the days of Margaret Thatcher. Costa however has Mars in Aries like Luis Suarez so an avalanche of goals could well come with some extra bonus entertainment.

Oscar will probably flit in and out like last season as he has nothing much happening.  Willian should take advantage of this, however with Jupiter conjunct his Sun for much of the season.

Eden Hazard is definitely going to click sometime soon. He has Pluto and Uranus aspecting his Sun over the next couple of years and his Moon as well. The trouble is without knowing his birth time its hard to know when this purple patch will begin.

Ramires could have a few problems in October with Saturn opposite his Mars.

Andre Schurrle could do no wrong in Brazil but has nothing much coming up this year.

Expect Nemanja Matic to get off to a flyer at the start of the season, which is probably not great news for John Obi Mikel who has Saturn square his Moon.

Chelsea had a good squad last season, but have made great additions in Costa, Luis and Courtois. But the most important chart for Chelsea is Mourinho’s and he has Jupiter opposite his Sun and Moon this season so we would expect even more confidence than usual from the special one.

Mourinho has always won the league when Jupiter has been in a fixed sign

Prediction 1st ”

Man City

” They still have Yaya Toure and lets be honest, last years title was probably down to him. It probably won’t be down to him this time because it will take at least until the New Year to get over his birthday cake upset as Saturn is opposite his Sun, Moon and Mars.

City have been linked with Eliaquim Mangala but this may not come to anything as Neptune is currently square to his Mars. If they do manage to get him, this is not a great transit for a defender particularly during February / March time.  He also has Saturn square his Sun end of October / early November.

Vincent Kompany, Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko, Samir Nasri, Fernandinho, Martin Demichelis and Stevan Jovetic may well benefit from no Saturn / Neptune type hindrances but its hard to see where the inspiration is going to come from.

Prediction 3rd


” Anders Herrera looks like a good buy. Pluto is coming towards his Moon but the problem with this one is knowing when it will work as we don’t have a birthtime. It could even have happened already. He has Jupiter on his Sun around the turn of the year so that should be a great time for him.

If United want to learn from the Kagawa situation they should offload Javier Hernandez as he has Neptune conjunct his Mars this season.

The right sided wing back position looks like a shoe in for Antonio Valencia as he has Jupiter conjunct his Sun and Mars this season. This could be his best yet for United.

Nani should be got rid of asap even on a free transfer as Saturn will conjunct his Sun and opposite his Moon this season.

Danny Welbeck has had a year or two where punters are constantly asking what he does to deserve his England place. This mystery is reinforced by the fact that Neptune has been square to his Sun and Mars all this time. Neptune hangs around a bit longer but Saturn joins in as well this season, so even his United place is going to be questioned. Probably best to get rid now.

As for Rafael da Silva, he didn’t show much last season despite having a Jupiter return conjunct his Sun at the end of it, so there’s no reason to expect anything much from him this season as there are no transits to speak of.

Manager Louis Van Gaal goes one better having Jupiter conjunct his Sun in the final week in May when the season ends. So what would a successful season be for Van Gaal ? If no more big signings come in Capricorn Research would be thinking Champions League qualifying with possibly the FA Cup thrown in.

Prediction 2nd ”


” Last year’s big deal was Mesut Ozil but his lack of any significant transits meant his impact was underwhelming and this season there’s still no sign of Ozil’s supposed genius.

Big buy this time is Alexi Sanchez who has Uranus and Pluto aspecting his Mars. The only comparison that can be made is with Luis Suarez who had the same transit last season. Sanchez does not look like the biting sort, so we could be looking at the next footballer of the year.

There’s nothing much going on in Aaron Ramsey’s chart this season,

Similar for Jack Wilshere who has Saturn conjunct his Moon sometime in the new year. Since he burst onto the scene with Pluto conjunct his Sun, his progress seems to have flattened out.

Nothing for Lucas Podolski either.

Theo Walcott has nothing much either

Pluto is conjunct Thomas Vermaelen’s Mars which should get him a transfer to Man Utd or somewhere interesting.

With Per Mertesacker, its difficult to know what we’re going to see this term, the all conquering giant of Arsenal’s defence as in last year or the scared rigid by the pacy attack of Ghana and Algeria of the summer. If he was born in the morning he will have Saturn conjunct his Moon in 2015 so it could be a bit of the latter.

His central defensive partner Laurent Koscielny was lauded to the skies last season but has nothing going on this time. It still seems like a pairing that doesn’t quite cut it at the very top.

New signing, Colombia keeper David Ospina has Pluto square his Mars as you’d expect from someone who had a magnificent tournament in Brazil and got a transfer to a big club on the back of it. Pluto’s still there for the rest of 2014, so there’s a good chance it will get him into the Arsenal first team.

Wojciech Szczesny has Saturn square his Mars in December so it could happen then.

By and large the same goes for Arsene Wenger, although that won’t stop the customary mid season grumbles and demands for his head particularly around November / December when Saturn is square his Mars.

They will probably make 4th however because they always do. ”


Last season Liverpool were within a Steven Gerrard slip of becoming champions. Liverpool fans hoping that this was just a high profile one off were no doubt concerned about his back header for Luis Suarez against Uruguay. They would be right to be concerned as Gerrard has Neptune square his Sun and opposite Mars next spring which is the footballing equivalent of alzheimers.

Liverpool’s fortunes this season could well depend on how quickly and successfully they phase their captain out.

Daniel Sturridge has Neptune opposite his Sun at the same time so his form will mysteriously disappear just when its really needed.

Raheem Sterling’s phenomenal rise is down to a close natal T square between Mars, the Moon with a double apex of Jupiter and Pluto. Saturn is there at the end of 2014, so this season may not be as explosive as last.

Adam Lallana was Liverpool’s first buy of the summer but it soon turned out to be the one they regretted quickest. With Saturn opposite his Sun and square Mars he was never going to make a great start and so it proved with him picking up a knee injury almost immediately.  Saturn isn’t clear until the 2nd half of October, so don’t expect anything quickly. Fortunately for Lallana, Jupiter takes over then so November to January should see him doing well. The one concern is his Moon. If he is born around noon he has Neptune on it at the end of the season which will leave fans questioning the wisdom of this transfer.

Other new signing Emre Can has an extraordinary chart with 7 planets in Capricorn within 10 degrees. Pluto’s transit through that lot will prove the saying ” if anyone can, Can can “. Not yet however as the first of these Mars is at 18 degrees. Definitely one for the future, but Uranus is square his Mars in April / May so he could have an impact then. If Liverpool have any sense they will bring him in for Gerrard.

Lazar Markovic will have Saturn square his Mars in November but more worrying than that is he will have Neptune conjunct his Sun 2016 – 17. Will managers please stop buying players with their Sun around 7 – 12 Pisces ?

Glen Johnson has nothing going on at all, but a lot of punters have been saying this for a while.

The current stopper, Simon Mignolet might have Uranus opposite his Moon depending on his birth time but Liverpool would be advised to look for another keeper anyway.

Joe Allen has been called the Welsh Xavi presumably because his Mars is conjunct the maestro’s Sun. The astrological similarities end there, however and Allen has nothing going on this season, but then again nor does Xavi.

Jose Enriquez is still injured but with Saturn conjunct his Mars in November, you can’t really see him making an impact in 2014.

Fabio Borini has nothing at all, but this may be Sunderland’s concern rather than Liverpool’s.

Kole Toure has nothing either.

Lucas Leiva has Pluto coming on to his Sun in a couple of years time, but thats no good to Liverpool at the moment.

Expect Liverpool to be tighter defensively but Rodgers lack of transits and Gerrard and Sturridge’s Neptune suggest disappointment at the end of the season.

Prediction – 6th ”


Unfortunately Soldado has both Saturn and Neptune aspecting his Sun and Moon in 2015 so he will disappear without trace. Spurs should cut their losses and pack him back off to any Spanish club that will take him.

At least Erik Lamela had injuries as an excuse. It’s likely that he will always have this excuse however as a natal Mars / Saturn conjunction fits the description of someone with great talent always being held back somehow. Last season Saturn was transiting square to this pair so it was more stop than go. He has Jupiter opposite his Mars in the early part of the season so we should expect to see him play at least. Lamela one for the future ? No actually as Neptune will conjunct his Sun and Moon in 2017 – 18.

Paulinho has Jupiter on his Sun, which is great but also no use to anyone as it came to late for the World Cup and too early for Spurs new season.  Probably too late for a lucrative transfer as well.

The one success amongst Spurs’ last season buys was Christian Eriksen, but he has Saturn square his Sun in November so might not be so productive this time around.

Hugo Lloris also has nothing at all, but this is probably good news as at least he will stay where he is.

Exactly the same applies to Jan Vertonghen who will probably be hoping that the purchase of Ben Davies will mean he doesn’t have to play left back anymore.

Davies had Jupiter on his Mars for the transfer but nothing much else. Saturn opposite his Moon sometime this season so don’t expect too much.

Aaron Lennon has been an enigma, turning up occasionally whilst everyone waits for him to fulfil his potential. It won’t be this year as Saturn is conjunct his Moon sometime this Autumn and Neptune is square his Mars in the latter part of the season.

Andros Townsend was so last season with Jupiter on his Sun for his England breakthrough. Nothing this time.

Kyle Walker also seems to have fallen from grace and he could stay down through 2015 as Saturn and Neptune are plaguing his Sun.

Harry Kane might get a start at the beginning of the season with Jupiter on his Sun.

Michael Dawson seems to have fallen from favour recently but Saturn conjunct his Sun towards the end of 2014 will ensure that he doesn’t get back up for a while.

Emmanuel Adebayor has Saturn conjunct his Mars in September indicating that he will start this season as he does most of them. In fact he has Neptune conjunct his Sun at the end of the season so he will probably disappear altogether in a puff of smoke.

Sandro, another Piscean has had Neptune square his Mars which has kept him away from the action recently. Neptune moves on but Saturn will be in opposition in 2015 so don’t expect him too much from him either.

Nabil Bentaleb emerged last season as one of Sherwood’s favourites. He’s unlikely to have the same place in Pochettino’s affections as Saturn does for his Mars and Sun this season.

Moussa Dembele has Jupiter on his Mars as the season starts but it passes quickly and then nothing.

Michel Vorm has nothing at all, but sitting on the Spurs bench for some reason seems preferable to playing for Swansea.

The new manager, Pochettino is a bit of an astrological unknown quantity. At some point he would have Pluto square his Moon depending on his birth time, but Capricorn Research feels that this has already past and was probably tied with his sudden emergence with Southampton.

As a Pisces he is due his Neptune transit in 2016 – 17, so the advice would be to dump him before then, but he is a Spurs manager so he’ll do well to last anything like that length of time.

Last season was disappointing with many people wondering where the goals are going to come from . This season looks like being more of the same.

Prediction 7th at best. ”

So not bad at all. Got the top 4 right although not necessarily the right order. Astrology can give you the flavour of the season, and it certainly has this time but it can’t tell you exactly what positions the teams will finish in.

And all that remains is to wait for a couple of weeks to see if my prediction for Juventus to win the Champions League comes true. But to be honest I’m not that bothered as I backed them at 28 / 1 just to reach the final.

This column is sponsored by Betfair.


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