2015 – 16 Season – A Right Mutable Mishmash

Capricorns are very good at putting things off until tomorrow. The sign always steers clear of precipitate action. They are playing the long game, their strengths are generally around patience and will often think that if they stay still long enough, the need to act will have passed. When they encounter difficulty on their paths, they don’t give up, they just bore their opponents into submission.

So faced with the difficulties of predicting how a complex planetary pattern is going affect our noble heroes this coming season, Capricorn Research has tried the trusted method of burying head in the sand and hoping it will go away, but to no avail.

Despite the fact that there’s been no international tournament distractions, the long summer is fading fast and the new season is upon us. There is no option, it has to be faced. The fact that Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are all parading through different Mutable signs giving conflicting and confusing testimony will not go away and some sense has to be made of it all by August 8th.

This is the 2nd earliest ever start date for the Premier League and is more than 3 weeks before the transfer window closes.

Capricorn Research does not believe in transfer windows. It would be much more fun if a transfer free for all were allowed all season long, perhaps with an embargo from the end of March onwards like in the good old days. But if we are to have such a window it should stop before the season starts. This is not a view held because of the chaos that it causes, its simply because it makes prediction harder.

Capricorns like things to be kept simple. We all know where we are with Jupiter and Saturn, when they are operating in different modes its easier. The season 2013 – 14 was simple, it was clear that Gareth Bale would score the clinching goal in the Champions League final because he had the Sun in later Cancer and Jupiter was conjunct it. It was equally clear that David Moyes would have a disaster at Old Trafford because Saturn was opposite his Sun, Moon and square his Mars.

This season its not so simple. Jupiter and Neptune are in opposition through much of the early part of the season, Saturn squares Neptune towards the end of the year and Jupiter and Saturn are square each other during squeaky bum time.

This is all made so much harder by the fact that the charts of most of the biggest clubs have their Sun in Mutable signs – for more info see The Giants of European Club Football

Its difficult to know where to start, but the obvious place is with the Champions. Chelsea had it all their own way with the League last year, and the one thing that Capricorn Research can be confident about is it won’t be such a piece of cake this time around.

Chelsea’s defensive resolution has always been their cornerstone but they are all getting older, not least captain John Terry. It’s always difficult to write off JT as Rafa Benitez has learnt and he does have Jupiter aspecting his Sun and Moon in October and again in April next year, but the main feature of the 2nd half of the season is Saturn conjunct his Sun and Moon so old age will definitely catch up with him. Its questionable whether he can get any slower, but injuries and lack of pace will be a factor and 2016 should be his last at the highest level.

This probably explains Mourinho’s haste to get Everton John Stones in as a replacement, but if they do he should not be relied upon until the New Year as Saturn and Neptune gang up on his Sun.

Jupiter is opposite Branislav Ivanovic’s Sun so a late transfer window move away from the Bridge is not out of the question. He might also struggle with Saturnian injuries in October.

Felipe Luis was disappointing last season, and may well head for home before the season as Jupiter squares his Sun. Cesar Azpilicueta would be happy about this and will start the season off to a flyer with Jupiter conjunct his Sun. Saturn is aspecting his Sun and Mars in November and through the Spring.

In midfield the acquisition of Cesc Fabregas was hailed as one of the main reasons that Chelsea did so well last year because Pluto was trine his Sun. It continues in the same position through until December, but after that nothing much.

Last season was a great year for Willian, but we shouldn’t expect too much this time round. For much of the season, he overshadowed Oscar to the point where the latter has ben linked with a move away from the Bridge. Chelsea fans must hope not because Jupiter conjunct his Sun should make this Oscar’s best season for the Blues.

One of last season’s buys who proved to be disappointing is Juan Cuadrado. It looks like he will be off somewhere new as Jupiter is opposite his Mars and square his Sun at the end of the window but if he stays, Saturn says don’t expect any improvement in form and fortune until the end of November at least.

Nemanja Matic was awesome at the beginning of last season with Jupiter conjunct his Sun, but there’s nothing much happening this year.

Much has been expected of Ruben Loftus Cheek but the transits don’t show a big breakthrough this year.

Last season’s Footballer of the Year, Eden Hazard will continue in much the same vein as he has Pluto conjunct his Sun. In fact his transits are so strong, he may well be talked up as being in the same bracket as Ronaldo and Messi over the coming season.

Diego Costa is another with Pluto / Sun aspects from last season that continue to have a powerful impact particularly through November and December.

Loic Remy, however is likely to have as little effect on things at Chelsea as he did last year.

The big question is can Jose Mourinho bring out the best in Radamel Falcao. The Colombian’s miserable sojourn at Old Trafford was marked by Saturn and Neptune afflicting his Mars for much of the season. This time round he has Saturn Return and conjunct his Mars and square his Moon, with Neptune also conjunct the Moon. The small answer to this big question is simply No.

They say Jose Mourinho wins the Champions League whenever Jupiter is in Virgo or Pisces but I can’t see that happening this time round. Chelsea have so far disdained to get involved in the transfer market, but this could well be a piece of arrogance that comes back to bite them. Mourinho likes to run with a tight, thin squad but Chelsea need another couple of defenders and a proper back up for Costa.

Man City were a disappointment last year as a lot of their major stars seemed to get old together. Captain Vincent Kompany typified this as someone who had previously appeared invincible suddenly became very wobbly. This season Uranus is conjunct his Sun so we should expect a new man, as its natally trine his Sun he should be back to his best.

Kompany’s defensive partner, new signing Ellaquim Mangala often looked out of his depth which is fitting as Neptune was square his Mars. Things are unlikely to improve for Mangala until the new Year as  Saturn joins Neptune.

Pablo Zabaleta has a mixed season with Jupiter and Saturn involved with his Mars. Martin Demichelis, Bacary Sagna and Gael Clichy have nothing much happening all season.

Joe Hart is one of those keepers that noone is quite sure whether he is brilliant or not. For much of the season he may well appear not to be as Saturn and Neptune are afflicting his Mars.

Yaya Toure wont have a season as bad as the last one but equally there’s nothing to suggest he will get back to his barnstorming best of a couple of years back.

Sergio Aguero is without doubt City’s top player but his problems recently have been injuries. This season looks like more of the same. He should be ok up to the middle of October but could miss up to 3 months from then on as Neptune is on his Mars and Saturn opposes his Sun.

Tabloid story of the summer Raheem Sterling will be under pressure to prove he’s worth £ 50 million. He has quite good transits in the run up to the season, but fairly mixed ones once the real stuff starts. Next March and April look particularly difficult with Saturn conjunct his Sun. Given the amount of flak he got when Saturn was aspecting his Moon and Mars a few weeks ago, things could get pretty ugly next Spring.

David Silva has Uranus square his Sun so there should be plenty of moments of inspiration this season, its not the most consistent aspect though so no change there then.

City have been trying to offload Edin Dzeko but so far to no avail. His transits suggest a transfer is more likely next summer which would make sense as 2016 – 17 looks pretty dodgy for the Bosnian. This coming season will probably be fairly uneventful however.

We wil probably see more of Wilfrid Bony, particularly in November and March as Jupiter’s square his Sun.

There is a widely held view that Samir Nasri has been disappointing for City, that he’s not really kicked on since he signed from Arsenal in 2011. Given that Pluto was opposite his Sun for the previous couple of seasons that makes perfect sense. Players like Nasri are often bought after they’ve had their most powerful transits when it should be before. Next season doesn’t hold any great hope of improvement.

Likewise Fernando, his Jupiter Sun peak came when signing for City, its been downhill ever since.

Fernandinho did quite well last season but there’s nothing much to show for this one.

This season could be the time when Jesus Navas finally shows his true worth in City colours as Pluto’s square his Mars but not until the end of September as he has some Saturn stuff to deal with first.

New signing Fabian Delph gets injured in his first run out but what did City expect, buying someone while Saturn’s conjunct their Sun. Things should improve by October but there’s no astrological reason to believe Delph is going to make a big impact.

Manager Manuel Pelligrini has Jupiter conjunct his Sun for Xmas and January but this bounty is just a run up to wonderful transits in August 2016.

Arsenal’s big buy last summer, Alexi Sanchez had a brilliant season as predicted by Capricorn Research due to Uranus and Pluto aspecting his Mars. Pluto stays there until December so he should continue to do well, but not as much of an impact this time.

The previous season’s galactico, Mesut Ozil has been generally disappointing. He will have a mixed year with a good spell in October and an interesting finish to the season, but still not reaching the heights expected of him when he arrived.

The biggest signing this year so far has been Chelsea’s reserve goalkeeper Petr Cech. Cech had a miserable time last year as predicted by Capricorn Research due to Saturn being opposite his Sun and his place being usurped by a younger man.

Cech doesn’t have anything special going on for the coming season, but probably wouldn’t need it to improve on Arsenal’s goalkeeping. Saturn is still opposite his Sun for September however and Jupiter is conjunct David Ospina’s so don’t automatically assume Cech will start the season between the sticks.

Olivier Giroud divides opinions amongst Gunners fans, many appreciate his goal return which tends to come in bunches but others demand he be replaced by a big name striker. The coming season looks like the same themes continuing.

Jupiter ensure Gabriel Paulista will get off to a good start, but the end of October and November will be very difficult as Saturn aspects both his Sun and Mars, expect a loss of form or significant injury with this combination.

Aaron Ramsey is due an exceptional season but its difficult to say exactly when because a noon chart means we’re not sure when Uranus will conjunct his Moon. For the same reason Jack Wilshere could struggle with Saturn conjunct his Moon at some point.

Francis Coquelin had a Jupiter inspired breakthrough last season. He has Uranus aspecting his Mars at the end of the season so could have a big finish, but its more likely that 2016 -1 7 will be his year.

Another one who had a great last season was Hector Bellerin with Jupiter on his Mars, but nothing much this time round.

As predicted last season, Danny Welbeck was a disappointment particularly in the Spring with Saturn on his Sun and Mars. This continues through October this season, so most people’s expectations for Welbeck are about right.

Santi Cazorla is a player who always seems to inspire without ever quite reaching true greatness. If Arsenal keep him from returning to Spain as seems likely he should have another decent season with Jupiter transits around.

Capricorn Research thought last year would be a big one for Alex Oxlade Chamberlain but it wasn’t to be. There’s no sign that this one will be either.

The BFG, Per Mertesacker had his big breakthrough in 2011 when Pluto was square his Sun as Arsenal signed him. Ever since then people have been wondering why they bothered. There’s no sign of that changing this season.

Given the question marks over Arsenal’s defence, it was always important that they held onto Laurent Koscielny. Fortunately Sergio Ramos high stakes poker game with Madrid president Florentino Perez seems to have done the trick and Koscielny will probably stay at the Emirates. This is the best news for Gunners fans, as Koscielny has Jupiter conjunct his Sun so will be his best season yet.

Calum Chambers didn’t quite get going last season and he probably won’t this time either, at least not until the turn of the year.

Aging midfielders Tomas Rosicky, Mathieu Flamini and Miguel Arteta will do exactly that – age.

Mathieu Debuchy had his strongest transits when he actually signed fro Arsenal, and there’s nothing much happening this season good or bad.

Nacho Monreal has had Neptune conjunct his Sun all last year and nobody knows why they bought him, they’ll still be wondering for most of the coming season.

There’s nothing to suggest Kieran Gibbs will get a consistent run in the team either.

Wellington Silva has been on Arsenal’s books for over 5 years, not that you’d know it as a lack of work permit has seen him out on various loans in obscure places. This year he is available and Pluto conjunct his Sun in 2016 means he will have a big impact. Could be the surprise of the season once he gets going in the New Year.

People have been saying this could be Theo Walcott’s year for the best part of a decade. No doubt they’ll be saying it agin next year as there’s nothing much happening this season although Saturn suggests more injury proneness in October.

I have a chart for Arsenal, which has exceptional transits particularly from December to February. This however contradicts the indications for the manager.  Arsene Wenger is one of the few managers that I have a birth time for and Saturn will be conjunct his Ascendant in January and again next June. Maybe retirement beckons or a move upstairs next summer on the back of a very successful season.

The top three have shown remarkable restraint in the transfer market so far. Whether this is down to complacency, fear of FFP or simply being unable to get their targets is not clear at this stage. But Man Utd have adopted a supermarket sweep approach.

Anyone watching United last season would be pretty sure where the problems lie. An ageing motley collection of strikers and a similar but younger clutch of central defenders.

With Van Persie and Falcao being shipped out, their only recognised striker played most of last season in midfield.

So Louis Van Gaal has attacked this deficiency largely by buying experienced midfielders and persuading Rooney and new signing Memphis Depay to play up front. So how will this strike force work ?

Depay as is so often the case with big transfers has just had a great season in Holland with Jupiter opposite his Sun and Mars for of the year. Nothing to speak of this year however. And the same for Rooney.

If Van Gaal is hoping for a bit of help from Javier Hernandez, he can forget it. Hernandez has Saturn and Neptune afflicting his Sun for most of the season.

Jupiter / Mars transits are often significators of a big move and so it proved for Bastian Schweinsteiger who had the square earlier in the window. He also has nothing much to follow it with.

Morgan Schneiderlin was bought to add some bite to midfield and should be a wise choice since he has a stellium in Scorpio including Mars and a close Sun / Pluto conjunction. His previous attempts to get a transfer away from Southampton came to nothing because Saturn was moving through this lot, but now he’s got his way. There’s nothing much happening for him this season although the possibility of Neptune being conjunct his Moon might be a bit disturbing.

Schneiderlin’s chart is similar to that of Scorpio goalkeeper David De Gea. Capricorn Research was the only pundit in the known world who said De Gea would probably not go to Real this year, mainly because his own Jupiter / Sun transit was over before the window opened.

So we might expect a rather grumpy United custodian failing to reach the standards that he previously set, just doing enough to earn himself a bumper signing on fee at Madrid next summer.

Of course, Sergio Ramos was supposed by all and sundry to be heading in the other direction, but his chart showed no indication of a big move and so it was all just an elaborate piece of contract negotiation. Ramos has obviously been taking lessons from Rooney.

New keeper signing Sergio Romero might come in handy, but probably not until November as Saturn’s around before then.

Anders Herrera did well last season with Jupiter conjuncts Sun, September should be equally so with it on his Mars but watch for a dip around November as Saturn squares the same planet.

Juan Mata had a purple patch towards the end of last season not least when he scored that stunning goal against Liverpool. Jupiter was aspecting his Mars then, but there’s nothing to suggest a similar feat this season.

Michael Carrick is one of these players whose reputation grows when he’s not playing. There’s no reason to suggest it will this year.

Marouane Fellaini’s season starts off with both Jupiter and Saturn aspecting his Sun. After that nothing, which fits pretty well with most people’s expectations of his chances of keeping his place in United’s midfield.

Antonio Valencia had considerable success as a full back last season. The surprised everyone apart from Capricorn Research who predicted it on the back of Jupiter being conjunct his Sun and Mars. No such luck this time however.

Many people are predicting Valencia will lose his place to a proper right back in Matteo Darmian. That may well be the case although Saturn is conjunct his Sun around the end of the year, so not then obviously.

Much was predicted for Adnan Januzaj last season, Capricorn Research included, but as he failed to take advantage of Jupiter transits then, I can’t see him doing much this time round.

Daley Blind should have a good season, but this is probably because United’s weakness in defence will give him a better chance of playing than in that crowded midfield.

Speaking of which, Phil Jones might get off to a good start with Jupiter in August, but Saturn will catch up with him in October.

The same would be the case with Chris Smalling although Saturn will be quicker to find him out, even as early as September.

There is a feeling that Saturn will always find Luke Shaw out, as its exactly opposite his Mars. This season could be successful but probably erratic as Uranus aspects both his Sun and Moon. He’s still young though and his breakthrough year will probably be 2018.

Marcos Rojo has been built up as the saviour of United’s back four. Capricorn Research cannot comment as a lack of birth time means I don’t know when Pluto is conjunct his Moon, it might already have happened.

Both Jonny Evans and Tyler Blackett have featured recently as Pluto aspected their Suns, but they probably won’t much longer.

Its hard to see why Ashley Young suddenly became flavour of the year, but its equally hard to see it continuing for long.

Louis Van Gaal doesn’t have much going on this year but had Jupiter on his Sun for much of last season and Capricorn Research can’t be alone in thinking United were lucky to make it to 4th last season, owing much to the inadequacies of Liverpool and Spurs.

Speaking of which, the Anfield club have used the scattergun approach to transfers for the second close season running, particularly up front.

Liverpool’s hope is that these guys all hit the ground running. One who won’t is Christian Benteke. He might look good in the early part of the season but from October onwards he has horrible transits. More injuries could be on the cards.

Roberto Firmino looks a prospect but he may take a year to settle in.

Divock Origi may well take two years. He was voted the worst striker in France whilst on loan last season, and if he was born anywhere near noon he could well scoop the English award this year too.

Danny Ings arrival at Anfield was down to a sharp piece of thinking by his agent which should be copied by any others. That is to let your contract run down whilst Jupiter is transiting your Sun, they’ll be no shortage of clubs lining up with a big signing on fee. Of course once you actually sign for them, the transit will have passed but the money’s in the bank by then.

Daniel Sturridge, remember him ? Capricorn Research does as it was predicted that he would disappear for much of last season owing to Neptune being opposite his Sun.

Sturridge has the Sun at 9 degrees Virgo, right in the epicentre of this Mutable confusion for the coming season. He might turn up between September and November as Jupiter takes over, but the winter months could still prove difficult with Saturn and Neptune around.

Mario Balotelli is an enigma that defies even astrological insights. Last season should have been a successful one for the apex Sun in Leo, why always me phenomenon. This season it definitely won’t be about him.

Many have touted Jordon Ibe to step into Raheem Sterling’s shoes this season as the great Anfield hope. 2016 sees Saturn conjunct Ibe’s Sun, so a backward step is expected.

One man who it generally has been about is Philippe Coutinho. Jupiter square his Sun means that will probably carry on for the coming season. 2017 doesn’t look good, but thats a long way off.

James Milner has had Pluto on his Sun throughout 2015. The move to Liverpool should be the turning point of his life as the transit continues to be in effect until the end of the year.

Fellow England midfielder Jordan Henderson had his own watershed during 2014 as Pluto and Uranus aspected his Mars. Not much happening this year though.

The next 5 years for Emre Can are going to be phenomenal as Uranus and Pluto aspect his Sun and Mars. Liverpool will do well to hang onto him, despite their cunning attempt to stop other clubs seeing how good he is by playing him in defence.

Despite or perhaps because of what Roy Hodgson thinks, Nathaniel Clyne is going to make a big breakthrough this season.

Many of last season’s Anfield buys had a distinctly confusing Piscean flavour. Adam Lallana’s Moon in the sign was always susceptible to a Neptune transit, its just that without a birth time we don’t know exactly when.

Thats not the case with Lazar Markovic. Its fairly clear that 2016 is going to be a disaster.

Martin Skrtel very nearly left Anfield this summer. He probably will do next year but that would make sense for Liverpool as 2017 doesn’t look good for him.

Weirdly, the same thing applies to Joe Allen.

Apart from Clyne, Liverpool have neglected to strengthen defensively. They’re obviously hoping Dejan Lovren will come good, but as he didn’t last year when Jupiter was conjunct his Moon and Mars, its difficult to see him doing so this season.

Mamadou Sakho has nothing much going on as does Lucas Leiva and Kolo Toure.

Tiago Illori has Saturn square his Sun so 2015 is still too early for him.

In goal Simon Mignolet had Jupiter on his Sun last season which probably meant that he was lucky Liverpool had no keepers of any use on the bench. Saturn will be opposite his Moon this year sometime so he’s not going to enhance his reputation.

Another whose reputation is in dispute is manager Brendan Rodgers. Many say his job is on the line after Liverpool’s disappointing last season. Jupiter square his Mars mighty just keep him in the job this year but expect a difficult start to the following season see him out by Xmas 2016.

A first season in the Premier league is going to be a tough one for Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe particularly around November / December as Saturn’s conjunct his Sun, although new signing Tyrone Mings is likely to impress this season.

The best bit of transfer window business has definitely been done by Aston Villa’s Tim Sherwood. Getting rid of Benteke and Delph just before Saturn hits Mars and Sun respectively and replacing them with Rudy Gestede just as Uranus and Pluto are about to hit his Sun and still being 34 million in credit is a masterstroke.

Combining that one with Jordan Ayew who has Jupiter on his Sun for much of the coming season, Jose Crespo who has Uranus conjunct his Mars, Micah Richards and Jordan Amavi who have plenty of Jupiter transits have got Capricorn Research thinking Sherwood has got an astrologer on board.

Shame he spoilt it with Jordan Vertout who has Saturn and Neptune afflicting his Sun and Moon. On the basis of this it would be tempting to pick Villa as the surprise package of the season, but Sherwood’s own transits are nothing to write home about.

Crystal Palace look to have done good business in signing Yohan Cabaye and getting Patrick Bamford on loan. Cabaye has no transits to speak of and Bamford has a mixed bunch like many Virgoans, but this could be a breakthrough season for him.

Conor Wickham had his breakthrough a couple of years ago when Pluto was square his Sun. It could be opposite his Moon this season and Uranus is square his Mars, so the move to Palace should be a good one for him.

Manager Alan Pardew has Jupiter conjunct his Mars in early October, but his transits for 2016 are difficult, particularly during next summer. Saturn and Neptune afflicting Venus and Mars is enough to make you lose your job, so Palace may be in for disappointment this season.

Everton have picked up Gerard Deulofeu and Tom Cleverly but they both have Saturn and Jupiter transits and its hard to choose between them.

Roberto Martinez always seems to have decent transits but his teams never quite seem to do them justice.

Claudio Ranieri seems as odd choice as manager of Leicester. The board were obviously looking for someone who would not embarrass them after the  various episodes wit Nigel Pearson. After Pearson’s Leo Sun conjunct Uranus opposite Saturn, Ranieri has a self effacing Sun conjunct Neptune in Libra so he’s hardly likely to do that.

The trouble is that Neptune afflicts Mars for much of this season and is joined by Saturn as well. Leicester might do well around September but they look favourites for the drop this time round.

Another odd choice of manager for whom the jury is always still out is Newcastle’s Steve McClaren. He’s either brilliant ( Middlesbro, Twente and Man Utd assistant ) or useless ( Wolfsburg, Forest, Derby and England ). The reason for this is he has a close Mars / Saturn opposition.

The coming season may be one of the few times McClaren’s not called either as there’s no transits to speak of.

New signing, striker Aleksander Mitrovic will probably have a good season as Uranus is square his Mars, but more particularly Jupiter is conjunct his Sun suggesting a move someone better than St James’ Park which is probably the ambition of most players when they sign for Newcastle.

On the face of it a Sun / Pluto conjunction in Scorpio would make Giorgio Wijnaldum a decent signing, but probably not this season as Saturn and Neptune afflict his Mars at the tail end.

Norwich manager, Alex Neil has a mix of Mutable transits, but Jupiter square his Sun and probably conjunct his Moon should be enough to keep Norwich in the Premier League.

If the Canaries do stay up, it will probably have much to do with their defence as Sebastian Bassong and Russell Martin have important seasons ahead of them.

Last year’s big surprise was Southampton. It will be hard to see them achieving anything comparable this year as Ronald Koeman has nothing much happening and nor do any of his new signings.

Stoke have gradually metamorphosed from Tony Pulis to tiki taka under Mark Hughes. It seems that as an ex Barcelona player, he’s sick of hearing the same old question about whether these foreign dilettantes can handle a wet Tuesday in December in the Potteries and has signed a job lot to perform there every night.

With Neptune and Saturn afflicting his Sun, Bojan Krkic missed much of last season through injury. Jupiter conjunct his Sun at the start of the season should herald his return, but Saturn is still around so we should not expect too much.

New signing Ibrahim Afellay had his big Pluto breakthrough a year or two ago and has nothing much going on this season, which is much the same as his new manager.

Dick Advocaat performed heroics in keeping Sunderland up last season but there’s absolutely no astrological reason for him staying in the job.

Unlike his brother, Villa’s Jordan, Swansea’s Andre Ayew has no transits to speak of this season.

Its very hard to tell what will happen for Swansea’s Gary Monk as he has both Saturn and Jupiter aspecting his Sun in the latter part of the season. Capricorn Research is refusing to comment after suggesting Swansea would be favourites to go down last season.

Tottenham have been very quiet in the transfer window, preferring to concentrate on getting rid of some of their mistakes from previous seasons. Perhaps they would be better off getting shot of manager Mauricio Pochettino as apart from a brief spell in October he has Saturn square his Sun for the 2nd half of the season.

The only notable signing Spurs have made, Toby Alderweireld is another Piscean who has very similar transits to the manager. Capricorn Research expects them both to be gone by 2017.

Harry Kane was the story of last season as Jupiter went through his Sun sign, Leo. The question everyone’s asking is can he do it again ? Well Jupiter is conjunct his Mars for much of this season so there’s a good chance he can.

Capricorn Research’s beloved Watford have their own strike force to compare with Real Madrid’s BBC. Ighalo, Troy ( Deeney ) and Vydra or ITV to give them their proper name scored 59 times last season. Its hard to see them repeating that this year.

New manager Quique Sanchez Flores has nothing much going on. Capricorn research is crossing fingers and toes to hope that means they will stay in the Premier League, but at least the manager will last longer than the one last year, as Beppe Sanino was out by the end of August.

Another manager who definitely won’t win the sack race is West Brom’s Tony Pulis who has Jupiter square his Moon and Mars this season. WBA’s transfer dealings have been low key to say the least, but they will probably still do reasonably well.

West Ham are in their last season at Upton Park and fittingly Pluto will oppose their Venus in Cancer and probably square their Moon in the next couple of years. They fans have complained long and loud about Sam Allardyce despite the fact that he got them out of the Championship and for much of the early part of last season they were challenging at the top end of the table.

When Allardyce was sacked, many pundits advised to be careful what they wished for, but the Hammers turned to one of their own, ex player Slaven Bilic.

Astrologically this is the most inspired choice possible as Bilic has a natal Sun / Jupiter conjunction in Virgo and Jupiter returns there for much of the season.

West Ham’s transfer dealings don’t look especially promising but one man who will feel like a new transfer is Andy Carroll who has Pluto conjunct his Sun in 2016.

As the season starts almost a month before the transfer window closes, there’s still time for one of the big clubs to make a signing that will make all the difference.

Someone with Pluto transits like Barcelona’s Gerard Pique, Sporting Lisbon’s William Carvalho or a cheaper Sao Paulo’s Rafael Toloi would help. Failing that go for someone with a big name to go with Jupiter transits like Thomas Muller or Koke.

The day before the season started, I have to confess that I could not pick a clear winner for the Premier League.

My feeling at the time was ” apart from tipping Leicester to go down, Capricorn Research is going to put all predictions off until next season ”

One week later I have changed my mind. My excuse for this is that the season started too early and my astrological tipping brain was not properly in gear.

As of August 16th, I now see that Manuel Pellegrini’s Jupiter / Sun transit for much of the coming season will win the title for City. The fact that it does not peak until next August doesn’t matter. This simply means that despite everyone predicting he would be out and replaced by Pep Guardiola next summer, Pellegrini will probably be given another new contract on the back of winning the Premier League.

This would probably be a mistake, because 2016 -17 sees Jupiter conjunct Guardiola’s Moon.

I have to admit that City’s spectacular victory over Chelsea this weekend has helped make my mind up, but I’m not entirely swung by short term considerations. I’m still tipping Leicester to go down even though they won their first two games.

And I’m still sticking with my entertaining long shot, Andy Carroll to score the winner in the F A Cup Final for West Ham.


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2 thoughts on “2015 – 16 Season – A Right Mutable Mishmash

  1. This is brilliant stuff! I’ve spent all night digesting your analysis and making changes to my fantasy football team. A lot of your tips correspond with what I’m hearing on the football forums about players from Bournemouth, Norwich and Aston Villa, but Watford… not so much.
    Thank you very much.

    • Thanks Skip. I tried doing Football Manager with virtual astrology once. Was very successful but took almost all my time. If I had a fantasy team, I’d spend my whole life pouring over their charts, so have managed to resist it so far. Good luck with yours.

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