The Charity Shield – A Pointer to the New Season ?

Regular readers of these articles will recognise the Capricorn complete refusal to engage with the modern astrological world and recognise new fangled astrological concepts like asteroids, midpoints and harmonics. An old goat’s response when confronted with anything new is denial and a digging in of the hooves. Grudging acceptance over time can be obtained but only once the effectiveness of such techniques can be proved without doubt.

So even though its had a new name for 13 years its hardly likely that I’m going to accept the season opener being called the Community Shield.

The Charity Shield was first played in 1908 between the winners of the Football League, Man Utd and bizarrely the winners of the Southern League, Queens Park Rangers.

Young readers might not blink at this as QPR were only in the Premier League a couple of months ago, but the Southern League was regarded as the equivalent of League One ( or in Capricorn Research speak – the 3rd division ).

But Man Utd went along with the charitable nature of the match and drew 1-1 with the minnows from Shepherd’s Bush.

1908 Man Utd v QPR

The most important planet in contest charts is the Moon and any observer can see that she is Void of Course with no possibility of making any aspects to either Venus as Ascendant ruler for United or Mars as 7th ruler for QPR.

In those days no one had invented extra time, never mind penalties so when the Moon was Void the captains of both teams had a gentlemanly hand shake and just called it a draw, a bit like they do in cricket now.

One bright spark however suggested that they might like to have a replay, and since noone had anything else to do in those days, the teams agreed to meet again at the start of the following season.

1908 Replay

This time the Moon was in Libra applying to an opposition with Saturn, the Ascendant ruler for Man Utd, so charity went out of the window and normal service was resumed with the Red Devils winning 4-0.

Since 1921 the annual match has been League Champions against F A Cup winners and in the old days it was one of the few televised matches live so it was an event that was keenly anticipated by everyone, not the useless irrelevance it is now, being considered a inconvenient interruption to the serious business of traipsing round the globe playing against Barcelona reserves in order to open new lucrative markets for the club merchandise.

In those days it was also considered to be an interesting pointer to the prospects for the coming season of the two clubs involved.

A cursory look at the recent results shows this not to work. Last year Arsenal beat Man City comprehensively but still managed to finish below them. In 2011, Man Utd beat City but lost the League to that Aguero goal in the final seconds of the season.

It is true that United beat Wigan in 2013 and finished some way above them the following year but this may have had something to do with the fact that Wigan had been relegated to the Championship.

So rather than think of the Charity Shield as a prediction for the season to come we should treat it as a one off and a delightful opportunity to explore the nature of the contest chart.

The chart for last year’s match was not as emphatic as the 3-0 win for Arsenal suggests.

Man City v Arsenal

The Moon does not apply to either Mars for Champions City or Venus for Cup holders Arsenal. This is often the case, but the Moon is separating from a square aspect to Mars which shows the game is moving away from City.

By the way, Capricorn Research’s experience with contests charts suggest that the relative strengths of the planets by sign may have some influence in terms of how strong the teams are perceived to be but have little impact on the result. Hence Mars being in dignity in Scorpio has no bearing.

The previous year saw Man Utd beat Wigan 2 – 0

Man Utd v Wigan

This is much simpler. The Moon applies by square to Mars for United and has no relationship with Venus for Wigan.

Its also important to state that all the major aspects count when it comes to results, the fact that this is a supposedly difficult square aspect is not relevant.

2012 saw the Champions City beat Chelsea 3-2

Man C v Chelsea

The Moon applies by trine aspect to Mars for City and has no relationship with Venus.

In 2011 the Champions Man Utd beat City 3-2

2011 Man U v Man C

The Moon is Void of Course here so the traditionalists would say nothing will come of this match. Football matches however always have winners or losers, so we can’t use these outdated notions here.

The Moon is separating from a square to Venus for City. Its true that its also separating from a trine to Mars but that is much further back so we have to take the most recent one. The match moves away from City.

The fact that the Moon is really late in the sign is relevant however as United scored the winner in the 94th minute.

in 2010 the Champions Chelsea lost 3-1 to Man Utd

Chelsea v Man Utd

This is a similar thing to the previous year. The Moon is not applying to anything but is separating from squares to both Mars and Venus. Its more recent separation is from Mars for Chelsea, so the win goes to United.

The 2009 match was between the same two clubs but this time United were the Champions

2009 Man U v Chelsea

Here we have another one with the Moon Void of Course, but it is separating from a square to Mars showing the game slipping away from United.

The Moon being so late in the sign suggests that it would be settled late in the game and it was with Chelsea winning on penalties.

The 2008 match was between Man Utd and relegated Cup holders Portsmouth.

Man Utd v Portsmouth

The Moon is separating from a square to Venus for Portsmouth and applying to a square to Mars for United and given the relative difference between the clubs you would think this would be as straight forward a victory for United as they come.

However there is some significant distance, about 17 degrees, between the Moon and Mars so United to win but it would take them a long time to do it. So it proved as United won on penalties.

The previous year had a very similar combination.

2007 Man U v Chelsea

United were the Champions so Mars for them. The Moon is separating from a trine to Venus for Chelsea and applying to a conjunction for Mars so United to win.

The distance between the Moon and Mars is even greater here at 20 degrees, so United won on penalties.

Capricorns do tend to go on and on about the same thing until everyone else is bored to death, as many of the articles on the site no doubt testify. Some readers may be about to lose the will to live having calculated that there are the best part of a hundred more charts of Charity Shield games, but as the 2007 match was the first one at the new Wembley, this seems like a good point to stop.

Most signs are not so much obsessed with the past and are no doubt hoping that this article might get round to the game this coming Sunday before the bookies close. So here goes.

2015 Chelsea v Arsenal

The Moon applies to  trine to Mars for Chelsea but has no relationship with Venus for Arsenal, so Chelsea to win. It should be noted that the distance between the Moon and Mars is 16 degrees so a late winner or penalties may settle it.

But will this be a pointer for the new season ?

You’ll just have to wait another week for Capricorn Research’s 2015-16 predictions. As the sign says, we don’t like to rush things.



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