The Perfect Manager – Does he exist ?

What does it take to make a great manager. We all think we could do the job, witness the unbelievable success of Football Manager. In fact if Pluto hadn’t forced Capricorn Research to get a life and abandon its futile attempts to get Watford to win the Champions League, the astrology research project may never have got off the ground.  Each new season brings temptation bak to the computer game and this year its been fended off by trying to find the perfect manager, someone who could win in Europe with any team. This search has been based on the solar charts of 80 of the top managers of all time.

The most common Sun sign is Leo with 11 out of the 80. Leos are natural leaders, of course but are also very good a creating a powerful identity for a team like Otto Renhagel who led Greece to win the Euros in 2004. The most noble Leonine example however, has to be Mario Zagallo, manager of the greatest football team of all time, the 1970 Brazilian World Cup winners. The lowest Sun sign score was Cancer by some distance with only 2 members. The most frequent solar aspect is the conjunction with Pluto which would add a level of intensity and the ability to make the players run through walls for the team. Digging deep to find resources that you never knew you had is a Pluto experience and a manager with the Sun / Pluto conjunction would naturally tap into these depths. It is a deeply determined placing and can even be obsessive, Don Revie being a good example.

The natural authority figure of Leo would have to be tempered, however, as no team can be just about the manager. Ultimately once those players cross the white line, its down to them, so any successful leader would have to work in a spirit of friendly cooperation and be able to understand what his charges are going through giving the proverbial arm round the shoulder when required. The fine balancing act of steering all those different personalities would need the Moon in Libra, which with 12 is the highest Moon sign. Interestingly both Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley had this placing, so it obviously works.

Obviously the team has to be successful and it appears to be Moon / Jupiter aspects that bring this as near enough guaranteed, witnessed by the fact that the conjunction is shared by both Matt Busby and Alex Ferguson. The Moon / Jupiter opposition is the most common amongst the 80 and it did win England the World Cup under Alf Ramsey.

The Moon in Libra would certainly be able to get into a player’s head and make him both respect and feel respected by the boss but how to use this facility to drive the team forward. The classic arm round the shoulder has to be tempered with the kick up the backside so to be able to do both and to know which is appropriate the Libran Moon would have to be aspected to Mars.  Jose Mourinho has the Moon opposite Mars but the most common aspect in the research group is the square, Jock Stein being a good example.

For extra inspiration and an ability to think and act outside the box it would help to have Mars conjunct Uranus like Carlo Ancelotti and Roberto Mancini.  Mars is so important for footballers that a bit of divine assistance from a square aspect to Neptune would come in handy, it certainly did Giovanni Trapattoni no harm.

As for Asendant signs it’s a bit more tricky as there’s only birthtimes available for 6 of the 80 suspects, but 2 of them have Gemini rising, Fabio Capello and Franz Beckenbauer so that should be good enough.

The birthplace for such a managerial genius should be the West Coast of Scotland, say Glasgow.  Is it possible for all this to exist in one birthchart ? There is only one day since football was invented that had a Sun / Pluto conjuntion in Leo with a T square between a Libra Moon / Neptune conjunction opposite Jupiter focusing on Mars and Uranus and that was August 8th 1951. It might seem that such a perfect manager  would be a mythical figure but no – the one manager who was born on that date ( although not in Scotland obviously ) is the Dutch national team manager, Louis Van Gaal.  Van Gaal has had great success with Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Ajax. He won the Champions League with Ajax in 1995 and the UEFA Cup in 1992, was league champion 7 times in three different countries including with AZ Alkmaar in 2009. He is notoriously not impressed with the media asking him stupid questions but he is obviously the astrologically perfect manager, perhaps not big Ron from Scotland but certainly big Louis.

Watford are now sponsored by Football Manager and Gianfrano Zola is propelling them into the Premier League at the end of this season with Jupiter conjunct his Sun. Capricorn Research, however believes that with Pluto coming to oppose Zola’s Sun either Watford will win the Premier League or perhaps more likely Zola will be snapped up by one of the bigger clubs. In that event the Hornets should go for Van Gaal.  Pluto will soon be creating a Grand Cross to his T square planets in square to the Moon in 2017 – 18 and opposite Mars in 2019 – 20 which given his age would probably signal retirement but he might be tempted for one more stab at glory.



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