Roy Hodgson – There May Be Trouble Ahead

Choosing the England manager is a tricky business, usually its based on recent success in club football but can that be guaranteed to transfer to the international stage ? The national team manager has no chance to sign players of his own choosing, he only sees his charges once every few months and is at the mercy of the clubs who are naturally looking after their own interests. On top of that it’s England, so we’ve got no chance of winning anything but massive expectations from the media and the public to deal with. Nevertheless, every soul that steps up to receive the poison chalice talks about honour and the high point of their careers even though they must look at their predecessors and see that it actually marks the end of their time in top level management.

Why was Roy Hodgson chosen ?  He’s had a long and decent managerial career making the best out of limited resources at a whole string of clubs including recently at Fulham and West Brom. His experience at Liverpool would suggest the jury’s still out regarding his management when expectations are high rather than low. One advantage that he did have over many others is that he’s done international management before with Switzerland, the UAE and Finland. Some people suggested that he was chosen because he was not Harry Redknapp, the favourite who the media had already labelled a shoe in for the job. Perhaps the FA wanted stability and dignity, a safe pair of hands and no controversy, if this was so they couldn’t have done better than Hodgson – maybe they even consulted his chart.

Roy Hodgson

Roy Hodgson has a powerful stellium in Leo at the focus of a T square from an opposition between the Moon and Jupiter.  With this much Leo, dignity is a given and you seldom ever hear Hodgson stooping to indulge in mind games with other players and managers, he’s always the epitome of politeness even when its perfectly obvious that England’s interests are being undermined by club football.  Normally this enormous focus on Leo would produce a much stronger ego than Hodgson appears to have. The Ascendant rules how the individual projects his personality and it would be tempting to suggest something self effacing like Pisces rising because unfortunately no birthtime is available.  The Sun, however, is conjunct Saturn which would act as a restraining and sobering force to the Leo personality.

Hodgson actually has many of the classic astrological factors that make a top manager – The Astrology of the Perfect Manager.  He has the Sun / Pluto conjunction that enables him to make his players dig deep and find extra reserves of energy to fight for the cause. His Mars / Uranus conjunction can inspire players and this would give him the capacity to make intuitive and intelligent decisions during the heat of battle. All of this together with the reliable Fixed sign Leo Sun / Taurus Moon, good old uncle Roy personality, certainly makes him the best available manager for England.  The only problem is one of timing.

Many managers are appointed after they’ve had a series of Jupiter transits bringing them results and general good fortune. For some managers, Hodgson included, the actual appointment comes at the time when these transits are operating. The problem with this method is that the manager concerned may be just about to go into a downward spiral based on a period of difficult transits and in some cases actually just getting the job itself is the peak of their career.

Roy Hodgson was appointed England manager in May 2012. Jupiter was in Taurus conjunct his Moon and square his Leo planets including the Sun through the whole of the 2011-12 season which saw him take unfancied West Brom from being threatened with relegation to a highly commendable 10th place, their highest for over 30 years. The trouble is by the time he started his work with England this transit was over.  Euro 2012 was negotiated reasonably well with England losing the quarter finals on penalties, a decent par for their performances at international tournaments. Hodgson was judged to have done well and he created a team performance that reflects his managerial style, well organised and hard to beat.

Since then, however Saturn has taken over. One point about having so many major planets close together means that they will all be aspected by the same transit at the same time which would emphasize the highs and lows.  Saturn first sounded a warning in September 2012 when it was square to Mercury and points were dropped in the World Cup qualifying game against Ukraine.  Saturn then moved to square Venus and opposite the Moon and it was there when more points were dropped against Montenegro leaving England 2 points behind them in the table. Saturn then backed away from Hodgson’s planets and Jupiter made a brief appearance in early June to coincide with England’s creditable draw in a friendly in Brazil.

Unfortunately, just as the serious business starts up again next week, Saturn comes back into the picture in square to Venus again. While the Moldova game does not look to cause too much trouble, Hodgson could really do without Saturn when England travel to Ukraine.  If this looks difficult, England could be in more trouble in October. Much has been made of the fact that England are to play both Montenegro and Poland at Wembley. Saturn opposite Hodgson’s Moon for these games certainly wipes out any home advantage.

Saturn comes to square Hodgson’s Sun in November so either England will be already knocked out by then and Roy will be sacked or more likely we will be in the playoffs. The trouble is, you wouldn’t want to have Saturn square your Sun for a one off to decide whether or not you go to Brazil. The only saving grace here is that the same aspect reoccurs in July 2014 just in time for the World Cup.  Either we get knocked out in the playoffs or as Saturn seems to be suggesting we struggle through the playoffs and then have poor tournament next summer.

If things go true to form, Hodgson would then probably be sacked after the World Cup, which would be a big mistake because Jupiter moves into Leo next August and is conjunct Roy Hodgson’s Sun for many of the qualifying dates for Euro 2016.  If only the FA would employ managers based on their upcoming transits rather than the ones just gone, England might actually have a chance of doing well or at least winning one of those quarter final penalty shootouts.



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