The World Cup – How was it for you ?

Strictly for research purposes of course, the writer of these articles has had to sit through virtually every match of the last 12 World Cups. Compared to the joys of the Champions League the last few tournaments have been boring and predictable. This one has been absolutely magnificent, virtually every game has had both teams flying at each other from the start and the number of last minute dramas has been breathtaking.

Its been wonderful but still predictable, which if you think about it is a pretty fair comment on the Universe itself.

This is a tournament that’s been dominated by Jupiter and thats why its been such a joy. The opening chart for the first game set the tone.

Brazil v Croatia


This is an astonishingly powerful chart with the famous Grand Cross of 2014 between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto still in operation. The Sun, Moon and Ascendant are all powerful aspected together and Venus and Saturn are in exact opposition as well. Its no wonder the matches have been so exciting.

As predicted on June 6th

” It certainly won’t disappoint, its going to be an amazing World Cup if the chart for the opening game has anything to say about it. ”

The Moon is rising in Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius. Jupiter itself is exalted in Cancer and is therefore in mutual reception with the Moon.

Over the course of the tournament Jupiter moved from 22 – 29 degrees Cancer so Capricorn Research based most of the predictions on this simple fact.

So here follows a few of those that were made earlier…

1  ” As favourites their ruler is Jupiter exalted in Cancer, the Moon is closely conjunct the Ascendant, so both are pointing to a win for the team playing at home. The fact that the Moon is in mutual reception with Jupiter confirms this….. Brazil should comfortably despatch Croatia who are represented by Mercury retrograde in Cancer. ”

2  ” Everyone’s favourite, Lionel Messi has Jupiter conjunct his Mars a transit that’s about as good as it gets particularly as he has the two planets in square natally. Unfortunately it peaks just as the World Cup is starting and is likely to be out of range by the end of the group stage. ”

3  ” Saturn is currently square to Ronaldo’s Sun and will stay there throughout the tournament. The current World Footballer of the Year may not look like it in Brazil. ”

4  ”  Neymar is an interesting case. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on him as the golden boy of Brazil, and this is reflected in the fact that Saturn is also square his Sun for most of the tournament. It has been in the same position since the beginning of 2014 and his first season at Barcelona has been underwhelming.

Pluto is conjunct his Venus and Uranus and over the next few years and will conjunct his Neptune and Mars. Uranus will also square his Mars, so we will see powerful changes in his life and this should surely be the time he comes into his own. Saturn’s aspect however might mean that this World Cup is just not quite at the right time for him. ”

5   ” Saturn is also conjunct Brazil manager Phil Scolari’s Sun, which is quite a different prospect to 2002 when his team won the World Cup with Pluto conjunct his Mars. ”

6  ”  As well as Ronaldo’s difficulties, the Portugal manager Paulo Bento has Neptune square his Mars. Portugal are in the toughest group with Germany, USA and Ghana and they might well struggle to get out of it. ”

7   ” Holland would look a good bet if the tournament was held a month earlier as manager Louis Van Gaal has Jupiter in aspect to his Mars in early June. Jupiter transits don’t last long though.”

8   ”  Dutch captain Robin Van Persie has Jupiter conjunct his Mars for the first half of the tournament, and Klaus Jan Huntelaar has the same aspect for the closing stages. Also look for ex Liverpool, Dirk Kuyt having one last hurrah in Brazil as Jupiter is conjunct his Sun. ”

9   ”  Germany are always there or thereabouts and both manager Joachim Loew and captain Philipp Lahm have Jupiter aspecting their Moon. ”

10  ”  Toni Kroos, Sami Khedira and Mats Hummels all have major Pluto transits at the moment, which could see them have a magnificent World Cup ”

11   ”  England manager Roy Hodgson has Saturn in aspect to his Sun so low expectations would be about right. Hodgson had the same aspect during the final qualifiers but was spared a horrible end by Andros Townsend who had Jupiter on his Sun. Saturn assured Hodgson didn’t get any credit due to the space monkey furore and there’s no Townsend to save him this time. ”

12  ” Captain Steven Gerrard has no transits at all so his international career will probably end with a whimper rather than a bang. ”

13  ”  The USA are a bit of an unknown quantity and have had some decent results in friendlies against the big boys. Captain Tim Howard has Neptune conjunct his Mars which could prove to be a dream transit with an inspired performance ”

14  ”  USA Manager Jurgen Klinsmann has Jupiter aspecting his Sun and Moon but the main one doesn’t kick in until August. ”

15  ”  A number of pundits have chosen Belgium and Colombia as surprise packages which makes sense given that both managers, Marc Wilmots and Jose Pekerman have that master of the unexpected, Uranus conjunct their Venus. Pekerman also has Jupiter around his Moon and his captain Mario Yepes has it opposite his Sun but that’s before the real business starts and Neptune square his Sun should stop him lifting any trophies. ”

16 ”  One Capricorn Research tip for a player to watch is young Colombian and Monaco starlet James Rodriguez who has Jupiter on his Sun leading up to the tournament and on his Moon during it. ”

17  ”  Belgium captain Vincent Kompany has no transits of note, so we won’t be seeing him holding the trophy. ”

18  ” One very interesting package is Switzerland. They certainly have a more accomplished manager in the much travelled Ottmar Hitzfeld and he also has Jupiter opposite his Sun and Mars so his reputation should be boosted even more this summer. ”

19  ”  Chile captain, Claudio Bravo has Jupiter square his Sun and Moon ”

20  ” Chile have a number of players with Pluto and Uranus aspecting their Mars including Alexi Sanchez. One to watch could be Eugenio Mena of Santos who has Jupiter conjunct his Sun. ”

21  ” What about Italy ? An Italian goalkeeper captain has won it before and Gianliuigi Buffon does have Jupiter conjunct his Mars but any chance of him ending his international career at the very top is ruined by manager Cesare Pirandelli’s Neptune transits to his Moon and Mars. ”

22  ” Both French manager Didier Deschamps and captain Hugo Lloris have Jupiter / Moon transits but the problem with this one is knowing the timing of it for a noon chart.  Deschamps also has Jupiter square his Sun for the early stages so you would expect France to get out of their group. ”

23  ” Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane is one to watch with Jupiter conjunct his Mars. ”

24  ” Mathieu Debuchy has Jupiter coming to conjunct his Sun and Mars but this looks like it will be a feature after the World Cup as he manages to get away from Newcastle.”

25  ” Sabri Lamouche, the Ivory Coast manager has Saturn on his Sun so despite their many stars the may well struggle to get out of their group  ”

26  ”  Nigeria might do something as manager Stephen Keshi has Jupiter opposite his Sun ”

27  ” The only Nigeria player to have interesting Jupiter transits is everyone’s favourite, Peter Obemwingie of Stoke City, West Brom and QPR’s car park fame, so he might win back a few supporters during the early stages of the tournament. ”

28  ” Neptune is opposite Australia manager Ange Postecoglou’s Sun so he’ll arrive in Brazil only to find it was all a dream anyway. ”

29  ” Bosnia’s manager Safet Susic and captain Emir Spahic both have Jupiter transits in mid June that might just last long enough to see them through the group stage but Saturn conjunct Spahic’s Moon should stop them going any further. ”

30  ” Korean manager Hong Myung-Bo has Saturn conjunct his Mars and square his Sun so they’ve got no chance. ”

31  ” Algeria manager Vahid Halilhodzic has Jupiter conjunct his Mars so if there is going to be a surprise package it could well be this one. In deed they should be quite tough to break down as two other defenders besides Bougherra have Pluto transits, Watford’s Esseid Belkalem and Rafik Halliche who plays in Portugal. ”

32  ” Celtic’s Georgios Samaras and Olympiakos’ Andreas Samaris have major transits to their Mars so could be an important World Cup for both of them. ”

33  ” Costa Rica have defenders Michael Umana and Johnny Acosta both with Jupiter on their Sun so they might prove difficult for England et al to break down. ”

34  ” Iker Casillas lifted the World Cup along with the last two European Championships and has been widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers of all time with over 150 caps for Spain. He made his debut at the age of 19, absurdly young for an international keeper. Casillas has had his fair share of trouble recently as both Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti have kept him on the bench at Real Madrid. Casillas’ troubles look set to continue as Saturn is opposite his Mars for much of 2014. ”

35  ”  Most people go for Brazil, but no manager has ever won it with a major Saturn transit. Scolari would have to defy all the odds by making a Faustian pact with Saturn’s Grim Reaper but he is a Scorpio so the contract’s probably signed already ”

36  ” But if Luis Suarez finishes his Pluto / Mars transit with the trophy after simultaneously nutmegging and eating all of his opponents, Capricorn Research wouldn’t be the least surprised. ”

All these predictions made on June 6th in the article Brazil 2014.

Not bad eh ?

The only error was with in failing to spot the winner.

” So who will win ? Capricorn Research has no idea. Pluto has had a good look round at the candidates and doesn’t fancy any of them. In the late 80s, when the planet was in its own sign Scorpio, it handed the goodies to its favourite Sun and Moon, Maradona and Beckenbauer. This year there just aren’t any top managers with the Sun in mid Capricorn. ”

It was not until after the semi finals that a fresh look at Joachim Loew’s chart revealed the one fact that had been missed. He had Mars at 15 Capricorn. So Pluto found his man after all.

But this was an error that Capricorn Research was glad to have made. It was such a stunning tournament and an absolute joy to sit through every game. Knowing the eventual winner would have spoilt it.



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