The Astrological History of International Football

The bane of all astrologers is lack of accurate birth data. Once we have that all we have to do is argue about how to interpret it. In terms of our clients, this is not usually a problem, even if they don’t know their time they would probably have a rough idea and the rest can be made up by rectification. They always know their birthdate and a noon chart can often tell us all we need to know. This is equally the case for just about everyone we might wish to do a chart for, but when it comes to football its a lot more tricky.

We seldom have details of the day on which a football club was founded, usually just the year. So how to assess your favourite team’s chances for the coming season. Obviously we can’t do charts for the whole squad of players. The only recourse is to look at the chart for the manager and hope that his transits will impact on the club’s fortunes. It generally does, we only have to look at Man United over the past season to see that Saturn opposite David Moyes’ Sun and Moon and square his Mars, brought the Champions of 2013 to a disastrous 7th place in 2014.

Over the last month, everyone’s focus has switched to the international game and Capricorn Research has used the World Cup to test a number of things. Research has been conducted on the astrological make up of the 736 players involved, the transits of Jupiter to predict the tournament and the use of the Contest chart to predict the results of actual matches.

It has also come to the attention of Capricorn Research that the first international matches played by any country, usually around a century ago, seem to work as charts for the country’s team and transits to these charts say a lot about their progress in tournaments.

So using these charts as a base, an attempt is to be made to come up with an astrological history of international football. The plan is to write separate articles for each of the major countries so this page will be added to with each one written.

All the charts have been drawn for 3.00 pm, not because this is known as a fact, but because most footie fans are constantly whining about how they should all start at 3 on a Saturday afternoon whilst conveniently forgetting the fact that they would only get one weekly fix. Charts for this time cannot guarantee a correct Ascendant or house positions but it dies mean that the Moon is fairly reliable. After all these games all began before floodlights so we can’t be far off.

I’m going to start with England because we invented it, this also gets the agonies of 50 years of hurt over and done with.

England – Three Lions Rising ?

Germany – An Apex Sun in Aries Will Always Win

Brazil – Mars in Libra’s Jogo Bonito

Netherlands – Mars Opposition Jupiter / Total Football



The Turning Point in Your Life ?

More Astrology and Football

Astrology and Celebrity – all in the timing





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