2014 – 15 Astroguide – Man City

The champions, Man City are so sure of themselves that they have resisted the attempt to spend billions this summer. Either that or they’re seriously worried about FFP.

But their rivals have outspent them for once so are City right to stick with what they have or do you have to keep hoovering up the talent in order just to stand still ?

They still have Yaya Toure and lets be honest, last years title was probably down to him. It probably won’t be down to him this time because it will take at least until the New Year to get over his birthday cake upset as Saturn is opposite his Sun, Moon and Mars. To be fair, Toure has had serious family problems to deal with as his brother died of cancer during the summer and it is also true that he hasn’t received the credit his performances deserved. Unfortunately Saturn is like that.

Pablo Zabaleta looked great during the World Cup as he should have considering Jupiter was opposite his own Sun and Jupiter. He will struggle to retain that form as he has a Saturn Return in November and it will also be conjunct his Moon. Its difficult to know how long this dip will last as we don’t have a birth time.

Alvaro Negredo has just broken a metatarsal and will be out for 3 months according to City. Jupiter is conjunct his Mars early October, so he might be back earlier than that, but he has Saturn square his Sun end of November early December so he’ll probably be out again and no doubt everyone will be saying its because City brought him back too soon. Jupiter is conjunct his Mars again in February and June next year, but that might mean he gets sold next summer.

David Silva had a low key season last year because Saturn was conjunct his Mars. Nothing much happening this time although Uranus square his Sun and Jupiter square his Mars in May could indicate an eventful end to the season.

The next couple of seasons will be the peak ones in Jesus Navas career, because he has Uranus and Pluto transiting his Mars. The only problem is that they are both challenging aspects so we could see a big breakthrough or a sudden disaster, either way its going to be one worth keeping an eye out for. This transit should kick in big time for the last three months of the season, but August and September should give us an idea how its going to work as Uranus is opposite his Mars then as well. Whatever happens,Navas should expect problems in December as Saturn is conjunct his Sun.

This is also make or break time for James Milner. He has Pluto conjunct his Sun and he really should be on his way to a club that will give him more playing time. There’s still time in the transfer window, but who knows with Yaya Toure struggling with Saturn, he might make a big step up for City this season.

Gael Clichy currently has Jupiter conjunct his Sun and Mars so is probably seriously impressing during pre season training. Unfortunately this should be gone after the Charity Shield and another Saturn return conjunct the Moon points to a difficult Autumn.

Of their new signings, Fernando is a transfer window classic, signing him whilst Jupiter is conjunct both his Sun and Moon means the move to City itself will be the peak for him. If only clubs would buy people who will have these transits at the end of the following season. Fortunately for City, he has Mars at 12 Leo so he should have a good start to the season and might be useful around April next year.

Goalkeeper Willy Caballero is in a similar position having Mars at 16 Leo. Joe Hart has nothing much going on for him this season so Caballero may get his first start as early as end of September beginning of October and February onwards looks reasonably good for him.

Bacary Sagna  should expect a dip in November with Saturn square his Sun, otherwise nothing much.

The rather desperate attempt to use their US feeder club to get 6 months of Frank Lampard will not have a great impact. Frank’s legendary powers have been waning since Neptune opposed his Mars so he might get a few run outs but don’t expect much.

City have been linked with Eliaquim Mangala but this may not come to anything as Neptune is currently square to his Mars. If they do manage to get him, this is not a great transit for a defender particularly during February / March time.  He also has Saturn square his Sun end of October / early November.

But the big worry for City is that so many of their top stars have no major transits at all, good or bad.

Vincent Kompany, Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko, Samir Nasri, Fernandinho, Martin Demichelis and Stevan Jovetic may well benefit from no Saturn / Neptune type hindrances but its hard to see where the inspiration is going to come from.

The same applies to the manager, Manuel Pellegrini who has nothing going on at all, although this didn’t stop City winning the Premier League last season.

All in all, not very impressive transits for City this year and its hard to see them winning the league again this year. But they have so much money and the transfer window is still open, so if they bring Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester, Capricorn Research reserves the right to change this prediction.

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