2014 – 15 Astroguide – Man Utd

The big question for this season is who are the real Man Utd and is there any chance of them standing up. Pretty much the same squad won the Premier league by a street 14 months ago at the end of Alex Ferguson’s reign but then they finished a dismal and clueless 7th under his hand picked successor David Moyes.

As was well documented throughout last season, Moyes’ Saturn transits dealt a serious blow to the United’s status and confirmed that Ferguson might have been a managerial genius but had no understanding of astrology. Unless of course, he deliberately got a novice in order to preserve his own personal status at the expense of the club, in that case he was a brilliant astrologer, could not have chosen anyone better.

Either way, United will definitely improve on last year because this time they have the astrologically perfect manager, Louis Van Gaal. But one of Louis’ first questions will be what to do with Wayne Rooney ?

Rooney has had Jupiter square his Sun since the World Cup finished which has seen him score goals direct from corners in training and generally reproduce the kind of form that usually occurs just before a massive pay rise.

It’s difficult to know who Wayne is competing with for his place. If its Robin Van Persie he’s got no chance. Who would you choose if you were Louis Van Gaal ? Someone you made the captain of your own national team and discussed tactics with ? Someone who shares a Sun sign with you just as Jupiter is about to expand all things Leo ? Or a monosyllabic English Scorpio with no transits to speak of.

As their Suns are in opposition Rooney might be more realistically up against Juan Mata. Mata, like the fellow Taurean manager who bought him, David Moyes struggled through the early part of last season due to Saturn being opposite his Sun and square his Mars. For much of this season, Jupiter mirrors this transit, so if it’s a choice between Mata and Rooney, the planets are obviously going for the Spaniard.

Anders Herrera looks like a good buy. Pluto is coming towards his Moon but the problem with this one is knowing when it will work as we don’t have a birthtime. It could even have happened already. He has Jupiter on his Sun around the turn of the year so that should be a great time for him. It may be that we don’t see the best of him this season however because Neptune is opposite his Mars. Difficult Neptune transits can create a tough 1st year in the Premier League for Spanish arrivals, just ask Spurs’ Roberto Soldado who had it square his Sun last year.

Luke Shaw had a great season last year which ended with him making the England squad for Brazil and getting his transfer to United at the age of 18. This was because Jupiter was conjunct his Sun and opposite his Moon. There’s nothing much for Shaw this season but the next few years will see major breakthrough as Uranus and Pluto are about to transit his Sun and Moon. Who knows what position he’ll play in though. Van Gaal may well have him as a wing back on both sides like a younger, faster Dirk Kuyt.

Shinji Kagawa is one United player whose future seems to be up in the air. Jurgen Klopp the Dortmund manager who sold him to United 2 years ago is a great admirer. He may be open to take him back there possibly as part of a deal that sees Mats Hummels go the other way. If so it would make sense for Klopp, having parked his Japanese favourite at United while he had the disorienting and undermining Neptune square his Mars. That one’s well and truly over now and Jupiter conjunct Kagawa’s Moon might see a good start to the season, wherever he is.

If United want to learn from the Kagawa situation they should offload Javier Hernandez as he has Neptune conjunct his Mars this season.

Adnan Januzaj has Jupiter opposite his Sun for some of this season so we should see a bit more of him.

The right sided wing back position looks like a shoe in for Antonio Valencia as he has Jupiter conjunct his Sun and Mars this season. This could be his best yet for United.

After being the butt of every United fan’s moans last year, you would think that things couldn’t get worse for Marouane Fellaini. They can and almost certainly will in December as Saturn is conjunct his Sun.

Nani should be got rid of asap even on a free transfer as Saturn will conjunct his Sun and opposite his Moon this season.

Danny Welbeck has had a year or two where punters are constantly asking what he does to deserve his England place. This mystery is reinforced by the fact that Neptune has been square to his Sun and Mars all this time. Neptune hangs around a bit longer but Saturn joins in as well this season, so even his United place is going to be questioned. Probably best to get rid now.

One of the few to emerge from last season with his reputation still intact was goalkeeper David de Gea which was rather surprising since he had Saturn conjunct his Sun for the early part of it. Nothing this year, but for a goalkeeper, no news is generally good news.

Another underperformer with Neptune transiting his Mars is Tom Cleverly. This aspect persists through until January when Jupiter is conjunct his Sun. Its also there in October so we might see glimpses of the real Cleverly this season.

As for Rafael da Silva, he didn’t show much last season despite having a Jupiter return conjunct his Sun at the end of it, so there’s no reason to expect anything much from him this season as there are no transits to speak of.

Exactly the same applies to Ashley Young who had Jupiter conjunct his Sun and Mars at the end of last season He has nothing this term and he hardly fits the wing back idea that Van Gaal likes so he should really be looking to move on.

Phil Jones’ early United career has been blighted by Neptune’s conjunction with his Piscean Sun. No wonder he never knew what position he was playing in, it’s a wonder he knew what day it was. This is well and truly over now, although he has no transits coming up to speak of. Van Gaal’s threat to play three at the back does give him a 50 % greater chance of a regular fixed position however.

The same thing applies to Chris Smalling who had Saturn causing troubles around his Mars last season. It moves on to his Sun around the turn of the year, so things are not going to get any easier.

For Jonny Evans, Pluto has been on his Sun for a while and you would really have expected a big breakthrough from him by now. Maybe Van Gaals new formation will signal it although he has Saturn conjunct his Mars late November early December so not then obviously.

The other central defenders have all moved on so Edward Woodward needs to be moving heaven and earth to get Hummels, United’s season could well depend on it.

Michael Carrick’s injury seems particularly badly timed as Jupiter’s about to go over his Sun. Perhaps he can have a nice long holiday instead.

Darren Fletcher has had a tough time recently with digestive disorders as Saturn has aspected his Sun, Moon and Mars. He should be a changed man this season as Jupiter takes over with all three of them.

Anderson Lindegard has Saturn conjunct his Mars in December.

So far not all that impressive for United, but of course there’s still time to go for transfers.

But the charts for the captain and the manager tell a very different story. Van Persie’s Sun is at 13 degrees Leo which means that Jupiter is there in September but also during squeaky bum time from March to mid May.

Manager Louis Van Gaal goes one better having Jupiter conjunct his Sun in the final week in May when the season ends. So what would a successful season be for Van Gaal ? If no more big signings come in Capricorn Research would be thinking Champions League qualifying with possibly the FA Cup thrown in.

If he picks up Hummels and Paul Pogba, they’ve got a good chance of winning the League.

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