Rangers and Celtic – A Sure Sign that Earth and Water Don’t Mix

One of the many failings of human beings is that they often fear others that live in far distant countries, but for examples of sheer hatred you can’t beat your neighbours.

There are plenty of examples of local derbies throughout the world where the Suns of both clubs are in difficult aspect to each other.

The Arsenal Sun at 19 Sagittarius is square to that of Spurs at 13 Virgo, A C Milan at 24 Sagittarius with Inter at 19 Pisces, the great Argentinian rivals Independiente at 10 Capricorn and Racing at 3 Aries, Galatasaray of Istanbul 6 Scorpio with Fenerbahce at 11 Taurus. Even Burnley and Blackburn have opposite Sun signs ( Taurus and Scorpio ).

But the one local rivalry that holds the most animosity of all has sextiles not only between the two clubs Suns, but their Moons as well.

Invariably whenever the phrase ” Old Firm ” is mentioned in the media, the word ” hostilities ” follows immediately after.


Glasgow Rangers


Glasgow Celtic


Rangers have a Sun / Saturn conjunction in Capricorn in trine to a Virgo Moon.

Celtic have a Sun / Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio in trine to a Cancer Moon.

Rangers have traditionally taken their support from and identified with the Protestant part of Glasgow, Celtic from the Catholic community. In the early days a Catholic was not allowed to play for or manage Rangers and a Protestant could similarly not appear for Celtic.

Although it is not really within the scope of this article to look at the astrology of these two religious traditions, Capricorn Research feels that the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio trine the Moon in Cancer is quite fitting for Catholicism. The more austere and conventional Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn trine the Moon in Taurus works quite well for the other side of the divide, particularly when we consider the role that Presbyterianism has had to play in Scotland.

But why the sextiles between the two clubs Suns ? Possibly because their histories have been so tightly intertwined.

Basically the Old Firm have ruled Scottish football. In the last 30 years, the league title has always been won by Celtic or Rangers. In the last 50 years its only been elsewhere 4 times and 3 of those were won by Alex Ferguson’s Aberdeen.

So either Rangers are dominant, in which case Celtic are going through a bad spell or Celtic are on top with the Ibrox club suffering.

In astrological terms this suggests that a difficult transit of a slower moving planet to an important point in one clubs chart would be a beneficial one to the same planet in the chart of their rivals.

In the Old Firm case, this works quite well as a conjunction to the Celtic Sun would be an easy flowing sextile to that of Rangers, and vice versa.

The large majority of articles on this site highlight the explosive and life changing transits of Pluto. The reasons for this have been explained many times before but in simple terms this is because a major Pluto transit will probably only occur once to an important point in a chart during an individual’s lifetime.

More than any other transit, those of Pluto particularly are connected with sudden, unexpected, dramatic events which devastate the life of the person concerned, utterly sweeping away many things in order for the person to make a completely fresh start.

With the transiting Pluto conjunct the natal Sun we are talking about a watershed that would be clearly identified by anyone observing the person’s life.

This was certainly the case for Glasgow Rangers. The conjunction occurred from 2012 – 14.

Rangers had been an ever-present member of the Scottish top flight since the club was founded in 1872. They had won the title 54 times, more than any other team. In 2011, they won their 3rd title in a row.

In 2012 financial problems meant that Rangers were forced to enter into administration and then liquidation. They were ejected from the Scottish Premier League. They were subsequently readmitted but had to join the Third Division.

It took them 4 seasons to get back to the Premier League and last year they finished 3rd albeit a massive 39 points behind Celtic.  Halfway through the current season they are still 3rd, 11 points behind their Glasgow rivals.

The great beneficiaries of Rangers fall were obviously Celtic who have won every Scottish title since their rivals troubles began and are now so far ahead in terms of financial and playing status that their fans frequently chant ” 10 in a row ” being their ambition for the future titles.

Why is this important to the Celtic support ?

Well it harks back to the years from 1988 to 97 when Rangers won 9 titles in a row with at times Celtic finishing as low as 5th, which in a two team league is utterly embarrassing and the Parkhead support would acknowledge it as the worst period in their history.

What happened in 1988 then ? Rangers fans will say the arrival as manager of Graeme Souness.

Capricorn Research will simply point to the fact that Pluto was conjunct the Celtic Sun in 1988 – 9.

It goes without saying that this extraordinary mirror reflection of Old Firm transits, Rangers greatest spell had its beginnings with Pluto sextile their own Sun.

Astrology, like football is the most wonderful game in existence. It is also essentially very simple, there’s no need to complicate it.




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