Is this the end for the Fab Four ?


When something tragic occurs, its always helpful to have someone to blame and like most 15 year old boys at the time, Capricorn Research was happy to blame Yoko.

The Beatles broke up officially in April 1970 although they were all going their separate ways for a while. Looking back it seems amazing that they were able to stick together for such a long time.

These four lads from Liverpool were perfect symbols of the Uranus / Pluto conjunction in Virgo and the changes in popular culture and consciousness that we remember as the 60s.

The impact that they had on a whole generation could be seen in the chart of their first gig together as the Fab Four.


The Beatles Fab Four First Gig

Any chart with the Sun in Leo and the Moon and Ascendant in Aries is bound to take centre stage, but as all the textbooks say its the slowest moving planets  that have the biggest generational impact.

And the exact ( to the minute ) opposition between Jupiter and Pluto has got to be key figure here.

Given that the Beatles and the 60s were all about Uranus and Pluto, it seems only right and proper that they split up when the transiting Uranus opposed the Moon of this chart and Pluto was square to its Mars.

As popular culture has become so complex and diverse, we all assumed that we would never see anything like them again. But the emergence of another foursome in the same city a mere 45 years later had at least got the local football faithful eulogising in the same way again.

The signing of Mohammed Salah in July last year was the catalyst for some truly breathtaking attacking football from Liverpool and the combination with Phillipe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and Said Mane was soon dubbed the new Fab Four.

Interestingly the chart for their first appearance together in the preseason Audi Cup thrashing of Bayern Munich was as attention grabbing as that of the Beatles.


Fab Four First Start

The Sun was again in Leo, with the Moon also in a Fire sign ( Sagittarius ) and a strong Mars ( conjunct the Sun and opposite the Ascendant ).

But attention should be drawn to another exceptionally tight aspect between Jupiter and Pluto ( a square ).

No doubt astrologically inclined Koppites would have been dreaming of 7 or 8 seasons with over 100 goals scored.

We all know now that it was not to last. In fact the most realistic Liverpool fans knew that it was only a matter of time before Coutinho was enticed by football’s very own version of Yoko Ono, Barcelona.

For more details on this transfer read Jupiter and Uranus Make Liverpool A Selling Club

But it sure was fun while it lasted.

Two of them were destined to dovetail very closely as they were born only 3 days apart.


Phillipe Coutinho


Mohammed Salah

Coutinho’s chart I have dealt with in the previous article.

Salah with the Sun in Gemini opposite Moon in Sagittarius together with Mercury opposite Uranus and Neptune is the very epitome of a speedy and tricky dribbler.

With Uranus currently sextile his Sun and trine his Moon, its not surprising that his appearances for the Reds have brought an avalanche of goals.



Roberto Firminho

Roberto Firmino is another footballing extrovert with Sun, Moon and Mars in Air and Fire signs.

Firmino’s Mars links very closely with the other two’s Suns.


Sadio Mane

In some ways Sadio Mane is the odd one out of this Fab Four, and his performances this season have been more Ringo Starr than John Lennon.

There is no Air here and with the Sun in Aries square a Cancer Moon he is far more likely to go his own way rather than pass to one of the others.

Nevertheless that Sun at 21 Aries does connect with important points in the other Fabs charts, so the chemistry is still there.

Unfortunately Philippe Coutinho has gone to Barcelona so how will Liverpool fare in the meantime ?

Well there is one positive here, particularly if the Reds can persuade RB Leipzig to let him go straight away.


Naby Keita

Naby Keita is the ideal player to connect with Salah, Firmino and Mane. The Sun at 21 degrees Aquarius with Mars and the Moon at 23 of Leo and Gemini respectively suggests a telepathic understanding, so Coutinho’s laser like passes might not be missed so much.

There is just one problem.

Coutinho was pinched by Barcelona while Uranus was conjunct his Mars. Salah born three days later has Mars in the 1st degree of Taurus.

The transiting Uranus reaches Salah’s Mars in May this year.

While they can accept Coutinho’s exit in exchange for £ 142 million, Liverpool fans’ greatest fears are that Real or some other big player will come in for their top scorer next summer.

Uranus suggests that such an approach is increasingly likely. And at the current going rate, it could even top the Neymar fee.

The Beatles last album was prophetically entitled Let It Be, with probably the wisest lyrics they ever came up with. Maybe Liverpool should change their anthem.

When dealing with Uranus and Pluto transits what else can we do.




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2 thoughts on “Is this the end for the Fab Four ?

    • Thanks Steve. No I didn’t, I couldn’t pick a winner. Its been a very odd tournament, fantastic entertainment but odd no less. I put it down to Neptune on Real Sun.

      It was also conjunct the Roma manager’s Sun. There seems to be an element of achieving dreams ( winning CL and knocking out Barca ) followed by those dreams being turned upside down straight away ( losing Zidane and getting thrashed by Liverpool ).
      Neptune transits tend to point to losing but in an entirely unexpected way.


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