Tottenham and Neptune’s Fantasy Football

“The great fallacy is that the game is first and last about winning. It is nothing of the kind. The game is about glory, it is about doing things in style and with a flourish, about going out and beating the other lot, not waiting for them to die of boredom.”

If ever a quote summed up the essence of Tottenham Hotspur it is this famous one from  Danny Blanchflower.

The only problem is that in the 57 years since he led them to the Double, they have won many points for style and flourish but no more league titles.



Tottenham have the Sun in Virgo. The only other clubs in Capricorn Research’s database with this Sun sign are Fiorentina, Marseille and PSV Eindhoven, all clubs who see themselves as big hitters with a passionate fanbase but have been short in terms of actual trophies often having to play second fiddle to their major rivals.

This is the nature of Virgoans they do all the hard work but someone else gets all the credit.

With the Sun conjunct Uranus in this sign technical proficiency is a given. The Moon in Gemini suggests great movement and intricate play at speed.

One of the astrological terms most used in football is ” mercurial “. With the Sun and Moon in these signs its a perfect description of Spurs.

Jupiter’s conjunction with the Moon shows that they would not be denied success, but it suggests it would only be fleeting and sporadic.

The one time when it would have been expected was during the 60s with Uranus return in Virgo.

In fact Danny Blanchflower’s glory years, as any regular to these articles would expect, were tied up with Pluto.

Pluto was conjunct the Spurs Sun from late 1962 – 64. They became the first British side to win a European trophy, the Cup Winners Cup in 1963.

But what about the actual Double then in 1961, the first time it had been achieved by any club since the 1800s ? Surely that would have been marked.

It was, in 1961 Tottenham’s progressed Sun was opposite Pluto.

Since the 60s Spurs greatest player was Glenn Hoddle, a Scorpio with the Sun closely conjunct Neptune. When Hoddle was at his peak, Tottenham were a highly praised Cup side, playing the most stylish football, but could never find the consistency for a real title challenge.

Now they have a Neptunian manager.


Mauricio Pochettino

Piscean managers have won the most World Cups with 5 trophies, but apart from Kenny Dalglish , have had little success in the English top flight.

Mauricio Pochettino has the Sun in Pisces square Neptune.

His Sun is in exact opposition to the Tottenham Sun at 12 Virgo, so obviously their fates are intertwined.

Neptune is all about dreams, but all too often these do not stand up to the test of reality. The planet can flatter to deceive and showing so much promise only to fall at the last fence is what Tottenham is all about particularly in the last couple of years.

Neptune came to conjunct Pochettino’s Sun and oppose Tottenham’s at the end of the 2015 – 16 season just as they came closest to winning the title for the first time in 55 years.  But in true Neptunian style they were beaten by something completely inexplicable – Leicester City Summoning the Spirit of Richard 111.

Neptune has just begun to move away from the Suns of club and manager so maybe they will find what is needed to combine glory, flourish and style with actual trophies. If only they still had Blanchflower.


Danny Blanchflower

The Spurs captain was an Aquarian but had the Sun closely opposed to Neptune. However the grace and style was combined with the pragmatic Capricorn Moon and an intensity that comes from that Moon opposed to Pluto.

Danny Blanchflower would have made the difference to the title challenge in 2016 -Pluto was conjunct his Moon.




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