Gareth Bale – Stick or Twist ?

There has been much speculation about Gareth Bale’s future this summer and it is fairly obvious that Real Madrid want him but equally obvious that Tottenham want to keep him and the kind of price required to make Spurs chairman, Daniel Levy, part company with his prized asset would seem to be a stretch even for the world’s richest club.

There has been the view that Bale is settled with a young family and did not particularly want to move abroad.  This was backed by the fact that Bale is a Sun Cancer and Cancerians are noted for their closeness to their roots and are often reluctant to move home.  Bale is not a typical Cancer, however, as he has the Moon in Sagittarius, the sign of the natural traveller.  In many ways the Moon has more influence on ones ties to family and roots than the Sun and Bale’s Moon is also in opposition to Jupiter so a move abroad is not so much a matter of if than when. Bale has also experienced a Jupiter return since the end of last season so his horizons and expectations would have broadened significantly.

Bale has always had a great relationship with Spurs and particularly with the manager Andre Villas Boas. This relationship is marked by the fact that they share the same Moon sign so there is an instinctive sympathy and a shared feel for how the game of football should be played.  Their Sun’s are in square aspect so they are quite different characters, Bale being more the more instinctive Cancerian with Villas Boas the more cerebral Libran but Bale’s Sun is exactly conjunct Villas Boas’ Mars which is an excellent contact for any football relationship, indeed it would be hard to find a closer fit and it is a relationship that feeds both characters.

There are no particularly close major aspects between Bale’s chart and that of Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancellotti  so it is difficult to see a theme for Bale if he was to move.  There is also the question of how well Bale would work alongside Cristiano Ronaldo as they seem to play in the same areas. The appeal of Real, however, is probably not so much to do with working with the manager so the lack of contacts between their charts could well be a red herring.  The more appropriate connection might be between Bale’s chart and that of Florentino Perez, the Madrid chairman, as he is obviously the man pushing for the transfer.  There is a basic sympathy between Bale and Perez as their Sun’s are in complimentary trine aspect ( Perez is a Sun Pisces ).

Jupiter is now in Cancer and progresses to conjunct Bale’s Sun in June 2014.  Jupiter traditionally brings great benefits and whatever happens Bale will be enjoying the fruits of this transit at the end of next season.  Perez has Jupiter in trine aspect to his Sun in May which promises well both for him and Madrid.  It may be that Bale moves in this transfer window and has a successful season at Real or that the desired transfer finally happens next June.  Jupiter is the largest planet and there is often extravagance and exaggeration around when it is prominent. This may go some way to explain the size of the transfer fees that are being talked about .



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