Saturn in the Transfer Window

What do David Moyes, Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho and Brendan Rogers all have in common. Obviously they are managers of very big clubs but they have all had problems in getting their way in the current transfer window. They also all have Saturn currently in aspect to their Sun or Moon. Saturn, in astrology, is […]

Mourinho and Abramovich – Will it Last ?

 Some people say it’s the 2nd coming and some say you should never go back. Jose Mourinho’s return to Chelsea could well be as successful as his first time there when he won two premier league titles, two league cups and an fa cup. The question many people, however, are asking is how long will it last. Mourinho has […]

Wayne Rooney – Should he Stay or Go ?

One of the many transfer sagas that has kept us all entertained over the summer is the prospect of Wayne Rooney leaving United for Chelsea.  Rooney has had a difficult time astrologically since last October when Saturn moved to conjunct his Scorpio Sun. Saturn is the planet of limitation and when it comes to the […]