World Cup Prospects – Germany

It may be early days to look at the World Cup as its still 5 months away, but there are lots of teams to cover and Capricorn Research will endeavour to get round to the major players in good time.

For now we should start with the holders.


For a more detailed look at this chart please see Germany – An Apex Sun Will Always Win

Their victory in 2014 was simply because Pluto was in the T Square, in square to the Sun.

This was backed up by the fact that it was also conjunct their manager’s Mars.


Joachim Low

Given Pluto’s enormous influence by transit as proved countless times on this site, but particularly with Pluto and the World Cup, the victory in Brazil was inevitable.

Pluto moves so slowly that it would take the best part of 70 years to make similar aspects to either of these charts.

There is another one however that could be taken into account.


Low at Germany

Capricorn Research has found that the chart for a manager’s first day in the job does have a profound say on the their tenure. Any chart with a T Square apex Jupiter is likely to be a successful one.

If we look at the transits to this chart we find that Jupiter was conjunct its Sun in 2014, although this happened just before the tournament itself.

Looking to this summer’s trip to Moscow, Pluto is exactly opposite the Sun.

So as far as Low’s time in charge of Germany is concerned, this would be a watershed moment. So could this be what allows Germany to retain the World Cup.

Winning consecutive tournaments is not easy and has only been done twice, by Italy in 1938 and Brazil in 1962.

If we look at Low’s natal chart we can see that Uranus is very strong. Low is an Aquarian, but it is also in opposition to the Sun.

And as well as Pluto hitting Mars in 2014, Uranus was in square to it.

This summer Uranus is conjunct Low’s Moon. How is this likely to pan out ?

People often assume that astrologers should be able to predict events accurately and if they fail to, the subject itself is dismissed.

Astrologers like any other kind of predictive science whether its economics or weather forecasting, can only look at what happened when symbols come up in the past and suggest that something similar may occur when they next appear.

The difficulty is that every moment sees a combination of planetary positions that have never existed before, so we are left with trying to isolate individual ones and extrapolate from that.

As this is all we can do, it might be useful to look at what happened when Uranus was conjunct Joachim Low’s Sun, which occurred in May 1998.

Low owed his appointment as Germany manager to the fact that he’d been Jurgen Klinsmann’s assistant in 2006. His career in club management was not a stellar one having put in a shift at Frauenfield, Stuttgart, Fenerbahce, Karlsruhe, Adanaspor, Tirol Innsbruck and Austria Wien.

The highlight however came in May 1998 when he took Stuttgart to the final of the European Cup Winners Cup losing to Chelsea. Interestingly enough he left Stuttgart a week later. Certainly a very Uranian thing to do.

Ever since it began in 1930, no national team has won the World Cup without significant transits to their chart. The German chart for 2018 has nothing happening at all.

But maybe Uranus on his Moon will make Low repeat his 1998 experience.

So Germany would reach the final but lose, and Joachim Low will move on to another job. The Bayern Munich post will be up for grabs at the end of the season, and the way things are going so will Zidane’s job at Real Madrid.

If any of this happens, just remember you read it here first.




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2 thoughts on “World Cup Prospects – Germany

  1. The chart for the final has the Moon on Regulus – same time IC is on 15° aries … on that apex sun … so germany loosing in final … kind of makin sense..:-))

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