Jupiter and Uranus Make Liverpool A Selling Club

So that’s that then. The British transfer record has been smashed. A £ 142 million return on an £ 8.5 million investment a mere 5 years ago, but after Neymar and Mbappe, this fee no longer even raises an eyebrow.

There are many questions about the timing, however. Liverpool dug their heels in hard and refused to sell Coutinho in the summer, but many would say it makes little sense to sell him now as he is cup tied for the Champions League so can’t play for Barcelona in the biggest competition.

The Spanish giants are also so far ahead in La Liga, that they don’t need him for that competition either.

Liverpool do for both the season’s Champions League and their battle to finish in the top 4 in order to stay in it next year.

But as we all know, the timing of events is invariably not shaped by these considerations.


Phillipe Coutinho

The most important points in any footballers chart are the Sun, Moon and Mars. Coutinho has a lightning fast combination of Gemini Sun and Mars in Aries.

His Moon is conjunct Pluto in Scorpio so there is an exceptional tenacity and inner strength. Quick thinking and accurate penetrative passing would be expected from this combination.

We have no birth time but is surprisingly often that a noon chart works well in its absence. In this case that exact Moon / Pluto conjunction in the 2nd house explains the extraordinary fee quite well.

So why now then ?

Uranus is conjunct Coutinho’s Mars from June 2017 – Feb 2019.  Its first contact was June – September. No wonder it was the will he won’t he story of the summer.

Why didn’t he go then ? Saturn was also opposite his Sun July to September. No-one is going to get the move of his dreams with that kind of transit. Phil didn’t go on strike though, he accepted the frustration of Saturn and apart from a few conveniently timed niggling little injuries, he continued to knuckle down and work hard just as all the astrology text books say you should.

When Saturn passes and Jupiter comes around you get your rewards.

So come the January transfer window his dreams are fulfilled. Jupiter is conjunct his Moon in that 2nd house. Simples.

So Uranus and Jupiter ensure that Barcelona get their man. They were always utterly confident that they would get him, even down to Nike advertising that they already had. How could they be so sure ? After all Liverpool have plenty of money and Coutinho was on a 5 year contract with no release clause.

They knew they would get him because they had done it before.


Luis Suarez

The parallels here are extraordinary. Luis Suarez also has an Air sign Sun, Aquarius rather than Coutinho’s Gemini. But the really fascinating similarity is that both players have the Moon in Scorpio and Mars in Aries.

Suarez transfer was also drawn out and protracted.

In May 2013, Suárez said he would be seeking an exit from Liverpool in the summer, citing excessive media attention on his family as a reason for wanting to leave. In August, Liverpool rejected a famous bid of £40,000,001 for him from Arsenal.

He was eventually sold to Barcelona in July 2014 for a paltry ( by today’s standards anyway ) £ 75 million.

From May 2013 to April 2014 Uranus was conjunct Suarez’ Mars, exactly the same transit that caused Coutinho transfer.

Pluto was also square to Suarez Mars for this whole period up to October 2014 a transit that accounted for his eating habits as well as his transfer status.

Just as with Coutinho, the actual move was triggered by a Jupiter transit. It was opposite the Suarez Sun in July 2014.

For a more detailed look at Luis Suarez and all the entertainment that surrounded his move to Barcelona please read Biting Back – One Transit in the Life of Luis Suarez

So Liverpool sell their biggest stars when Uranus comes around. It certainly looks that way.


Fernando Torres

Torres was another Liverpool superstar with a major Arien focus, this time the Sun was in the sign rather than Mars.

Bizarrely, just like Coutinho and Suarez, he also has the Moon in Scorpio.

The transiting Uranus reached Torres’ Sun at the end of the 2009 / 10 season just as rumours of him leaving Liverpool were appearing in the press.

Uranus remained conjunct Torres Sun through until the end of 2011.

He left for Chelsea for £ 50 million at the end of the transfer window in January 2011 still under the Uranus / Sun influence but the move was actually triggered by Jupiter being conjunct his Sun at the time.

So are Liverpool a selling club ? Well it appears that everyone is apart from PSG and if the current rumours about Neymar are true then even them.

It seems that it only happens to Liverpool when Uranus and Jupiter are around and even then they make sure to get maximum bucks for their want away stars.

But what about one that doesn’t want to go anywhere.


Jordan Henderson

Yes its true, he of the strange gait and sideways pass has same Sun and Mars combination as Coutinho, with a conjunction to the Moon in Aries thrown in for good measure.

But before Liverpool fan readers get too excited and Capricorn Research has to call in Harry Enfield to get everyone to ” calm down, calm down “, it has to be said that Henderson had his Jupiter / Uranus combination ( Uranus conjunct his Moon / Mars, Jupiter square his Sun ) during the 2010 – 11 season, at the end of which he was transferred to Liverpool from Sunderland.

You can’t win em all.




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12 thoughts on “Jupiter and Uranus Make Liverpool A Selling Club

  1. Hi Cap!

    great to receive your post this morning :-))! Here is my input:
    The “Fab four comparison” was just called out not to long ago…
    The beatles birth chart (first performance/astro.com) has Pluto on 5° virgo in the center of plenty further planets… And as it turns out the four liverpool foot fabs all have JUP on 5° virgo +/- 2°…!
    Well – HAD … we have to say now … shame really – only a day after i had discovered this headline – the boy group fell apart …
    Lennon like disappearance of … Brazilian world musician…:-//

    What you say to this? Guess you are much closer to the details …:-))

  2. i read the Trump article – fascinating –
    there is no possiblity to comment though…

    “Its not hard to see the triple conjunction as the break in to the Democratic office” i particularly like this kind of approach to the chart…have that perspective on the 8th house of Kennedy …
    and lets forget about the lonly shooter stuff…:-//
    And i d love to see your take Oprah Winfrey as to her for president…:-))

    greets. t.

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