Football Managers Should Be Elected

These days in all areas of life, everyone is looking for a quick fix, for instant results and improvement. Living for the moment is in, building for the long term is out. Many people might say that it is the best way to respond to the sense of insecurity that they feel in an increasingly unpredictable world.

The problem is that with the phenomenal reach of all kinds of media, this trend is coupled with an increasing tendency to blame others for things going wrong. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the world of football management.

We are only in January and 7 Premier League managers have been sacked already and records are likely to tumble. This comes as no surprise to followers of the beautiful game, it has been increasing year on year and the incredible sums of money involved mean there is more pressure on clubs to stay in the top flight.

Stoke, Swansea, West Brom, West Ham, Everton, Leicester and Palace have all pulled the trigger because poor results in the first few months have raised the spectre of relegation. Under this pressure its not so surprising that club owners have pulled the trigger on their managers. What is clear, however, is the complete absence of any plan to replace them.

Its always startling to find out that owners and chairman of football clubs who have made fortunes through their own businesses seem to leave their acumen at the door as soon as they take over a club. They would never appoint a managing director without an extensive period of due diligence and an exhaustive interview process, but they’ll take any football manager.

After much embarrassing shuffling around these roles have been filled by Roy Hodgson, Claude Puel, Sam Allardyce, David Moyes, Alan Pardew and Carlos Carvahal, all of whom have been sacked by other clubs in the last couple of years.

Capricorn Research is willing to bet that not one of them will last in their current posts beyond the end of next season.

As a rule the owners are so embarrassed by the obvious lack of planning that as soon as they get one of the previous failures to agree to join them, they look to rubber stamp it as soon as possible in case they change their mind. The only delay seems to be to get that awkward fixture against Man City at the weekend out of the way first.

Astrology could come in so handy for football club chairmen. Managerial appointments could be made based on the proposed manager’s chart and upcoming transits and the compatibility with the club’s inception chart.

But perhaps the most important thing would be the date that the new manager was to take over.

Many of Capricorn Research’s generation would happily tell everyone that things were done better in the past.

They certainly knew how to pick a manager and even to give him four years before he won a trophy.


Ferguson at United

By some distance, Alex Ferguson is the most successful manager in the history of English football. As a Sun Capricorn he was always in it for the long term anyway but a tenure of 26 years at one club is unheard of.

The noon chart for the day he took up residency at Old Trafford reflects all of this.

The Sun / Venus / Pluto conjunction in Scorpio is testimony to the sheer will power and intensity of the man and its close sextile to a Capricorn Moon being the perfect symbol for endurance.

The Sun’s extremely close trine to a dignified Jupiter in Pisces shows all the success that would come as a result of this appointment.

It seems hard to believe now that United had been struggling for many years. They had not won the league since 1967 and had even been relegated in 1974. This is because they found it very difficult to replace one man.


Busby at United

Matt Busby was the symbol of Manchester United. He nearly died along with so many of his ” Babes ” in the 1958 Munich Air Crash but still managed to build a completely new side that dominated the 60s and became the first English European Champions in 1968.

The chart of Busby’s first day as manager has an exact Sun / Jupiter conjunction. That and the Moon conjunct Pluto in Leo shows the power of his role at the club and the success that it brought.

There were similarities between this chart and that for his great rival at Liverpool


Shankly at Liverpool

Bill Shankly took Liverpool from a unfancied division two side to become serial winners but he also became the symbol for the club.

Again we have a close conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter, this time in Sagittarius. The Sun is also square to Pluto showing the strength of Shankly’s personna.

Alex Ferguson’s managerial career has been exhaustively documented by Capricorn Research in a previous post Sir Alex Ferguson and the Astrology of Football Management .

When he retired in 2013, Pluto was conjunct not only his natal Sun but also the Moon in the chart for his time at United.

Since then, United have struggled, mainly because they have not been able to replace him adequately.


Moyes at united

The chosen one, David Moyes came in with a chart that fits his personality well. Moyes is a Sun / Moon Taurus and this chart has the same combination. This Moon, however is opposite Saturn which does not suggest a happy or successful time.

Moyes lasted a year, much of that time saw Saturn opposite the Sun of this chart and it was still there when he was sacked in April 2014.

It was clear that Moyes did not have a big enough personality to carry United and so they replaced him a polar opposite character, Louis Van Gaal. With a natal Sun / Pluto conjunction in Leo, Capricorn Research saluted him in this piece from a few years back The Perfect Manager – Does he exist ? . Van Gaal was clearly a big enough personality and coming on the back of a successful World Cup with Holland, most people backed him to succeed at Old Trafford.



Van Gaal at United

However the inception chart suggests that he would not bring that much success. The Sun is widely opposite Saturn and and a T square with an apex Uranus points to a tenure that would not last long. Van Gaal lasted 2 years and was sacked just a matter of hours after winning the F A Cup.


Mourinho at United

Jose Mourinho was next in line. Mourinho has always been successful at every club he’s been at but we still have a Sun / Saturn opposition in the inception chart. This is also part of a Grand Cross which suggests the stress and conflict that he brings to the job may well outweigh any trophies gained.

Mourinho is half way through a 3 year contract and although United are 2nd in the league at the moment, many punters think it unlikely he will see that contract through to completion.

So if Ed Woodward is getting sick of Mourinho’s constant unsubtle comments about £300 million on transfers not being enough, he could always contact Capricorn Research for some views on the suitability and timing of United’s next manager.

Our subject has many branches, one which specialises in picking a time to begin any enterprise is called electional astrology. Queen Elizabeth 1 asked John Dee to pick the best time for her coronation with a degree of success that was comparable to Ferguson’s.

They knew better in the old days.




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