Neptune takes us Inter the Mystic

According to astrology there are only 7 really big clubs – Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Ajax, Inter and AC Milan. How so ? Because they are the only ones confident enough to know and publish their birth times.

The biggest pain for astrologers is not having a time of day to work with. No Ascendant, no house positions and not even a reliable place for the Moon. But try working in the world of astrology and football where the majority of clubs only know the year they were founded.

Fortunately this article is about one of the Magnificent Seven and it shows how the inception time can give a much more accurate insight into a transit.


Inter Milan

It might be a bit of a stretch for younger readers to see Inter Milan as one of the greats but to Capricorn Research’s generation, Helenio Herrera’s team certainly were.

One of my earliest football memories was the shock at seeing my team at the time Liverpool who were definitely going to be the first British club to win the European Cup particularly after taking a 3-1 lead in the semi final’s only to lose the away leg 3-0.

Like most 9 year olds I automatically felt the result had been fixed, a notion that was shared by Liverpool manager Bill Shankly and most of the people watching from England. Inter’s first goal came directly from a free kick that should have been indirect, and their second came when one of their players kicked the ball out of goalkeeper Tommy Lawrence’s hands into the net.

Many years later I realised the match had been nobbled by those two heavyweight fixers Uranus and Pluto.

Having the Sun and Moon in aspect together means that a club’s fortunes during major transits are exacerbated by the fact that both lights are involved. This was certainly the case for Inter Milan between 1964 and 67 while Uranus and Pluto squared their Moon and opposed their Sun.

Inter won the European Cup in 1964, retained it in 65, were knocked out in the semis by winners Real Madrid in 66 ( Real also had Uranus and Pluto opposite their Sun ) and were beaten finalists by Celtic in 67.

In 1968, once both planets had moved on Herrera left for Roma and Inter went into decline.

This decline was not really halted until Pluto made its next major aspect to the Inter Sun, a square in 2003 when they reached the Champions League semifinals only to lose to rivals AC Milan.

A few years later Inter became top dogs in Italy once more as Juventus were relegated and Milan docked points owing to the match fixing scandal.

Inter were awarded the 2006 championship and proceeded to win the next 4 in a row.

Fittingly Uranus was square the Inter Moon for 2006 and conjunct the Sun for 2007 and 08.

The spectacular treble under Jose Mourinho in 2010 came with Jupiter conjunct the Inter Sun.

Since then nothing.

The club was sold twice and disappointing results have seen managers come and go quite quickly including Frank de Boer after a mere 11 games ( a record he was soon to beat at Crystal Palace ).

The recent appointment of Luciano Spalletti seemed to have turned things round as Inter made a great start to this season going 15 games without defeat and looking capable of a serious title challenge.

Since then however, 8 games without a win including a home draw with relegation candidates Crotone have seen them slip to 4th place and potentially 15 points behind the leaders Napoli.

Is this a temporary blip or the sign of something more serious ?

Any Piscean needs to be wary of Neptune’s position. Real Madrid have had Neptune come onto their Sun this season and the unexplainable loss of form after their previous dominance has had manager Zidane with his head in his hands and everyone else scratching theirs.

Apart from Capricorn Research obviously as pointed out in What is Going on at Real Madrid ?

But Inter’s Sun is at 18.31 Pisces and so should be safe this season. This is where the Moon comes in.

We know the Inter Moon is at 13.52 Gemini, so just at the moment that their players character is being publicly questioned, Neptune comes to square the Moon.

Who is questioning it ? Their own manager – and if anyone should know, he should.


Luciano Spalletti

Its often the case that a manager has a strong synastry with the chart of the club. This could mean that he is the perfect catch for them – or that their destinies are tied very closely together, for good or bad.

Luciano Spalletti has the Sun at 16 Pisces so is about to experience Neptune on his Sun as well.

So what will Neptune bring for Spalletti and Inter ? Who can say for sure, the planet’s transits in football often signify an unexplainable fall where nobody can put there finger on the reasons for it.

Could Spalletti have avoided this fate by staying at Roma ?

Well no actually



Although Roma are not big enough to publish their birth time, they do have a date which is close enough for us to see that they also have a Sun / Moon square in the middle of Mutable signs.

So Neptune is about to hit the Stadio Olympic as well as the San Siro. And Roma are already underachieving, being currently 16 points off the leaders after having  several years of 2nd place being virtually nailed on.

So if Spalletti had stayed at Roma, he would be facing the same thing.

This is all such a fascinating tie up, but then Neptune does like to work in mysterious ways.




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