VAR – What Is It Good For ? – Absolutely Nothing

We all know that things are not perfect and that something should be done about the injustices that exist, but this week a late decision to take action to rectify a perceived wrong was taken based on debatable evidence that could have catastrophic consequences for the future of mankind.

Despite the fact that most of the people immediately involved were queuing up for their half time cuppa, Bundesliga referee Guido Winkmann brought the Mainz and Freiburg players back onto the pitch to take a penalty while the real decision makers watched it all unfold on their TV screens.

Needless to say, this event has caused much controversy but any astrologer paying attention could have foreseen it all along.

VAR might be all well and good in theory but to introduce it with a chart like this is tantamount to using a nuclear bomb to crack a nut that was quite content to remain in it’s shell in the first place.



The Sun in Aries always has good intentions, but it does like to get on with doing something / anything rather than stopping to ask whether it was really needed in the first place.

And conjunct Uranus, it has to be something radical and the more technology involved the better.

In opposition to Jupiter, it will have massive repercussions far bigger than those who first thought of it expected, but the real problem is the T Square it creates.

To an apex Pluto in Capricorn in the 8th house. Oh dear.

It was always likely that a New Moon right on that Uranus in late Aries would start a new and probably disturbing chapter in this story and the first series of matches played in this new dawn has exposed the whole thing to even more ridicule than it was already getting.

And it was inevitable that the hapless figure in the centre of all this furore would be


Guido Winkmann

Winkmann has the classic referees chart ( at least from a fan’s perspective ). The Moon in Capricorn exactly opposite Saturn with an apex T Square Pluto is perfect for an overbearing, dictatorial official who just wants power and the Sun conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius is the perfect symbol for deceptive vision. You can just hear the chants of ” Who’s the w….. in the black ? ” and ” You don’t know what you’re doing ” raining down from the stands when you look at it.

And as any astrologer worth their salt will tell you, Mars in Aries in exact opposition to Uranus is both controversy and accident prone, particularly when Uranus is in late Aries by transit.

Of course Winkmann’s Mars is bang on the VAR Uranus as well.

After the events in Syria, many people have asked their astrologers if whether a relatively minor event could provoke repercussions in Moscow which could mean we could all end up in big trouble.

All I’m saying is that Pluto goes retrograde this week and comes back to its place in that VAR chart just in time for the World Cup.

Lets just hope Guido Winkmann is not down to officiate the match between Russia and Saudi Arabia then.



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2 thoughts on “VAR – What Is It Good For ? – Absolutely Nothing

  1. Havent read yet – but already burst out laughing!!! There certainly is a portion of talent for HEADLINES on your side…LOL :-))))))))

    “VAR” though… not everyone gets it immidiatly … V ideo A nalysis R efferee…?? or how exactly?

    Anyway: VAR sure will be fun at the World CUP 🙂

    … if it happens…

    with Kind Regards, T.

    • Thanks T. It made me laugh too when it first popped into my brain. Its Video Assistant Referee to give its full title.
      The matches in Russia will take so long, they will overlap


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