Taxi for Pardew ?

Most of the clips on TV’s You’ve Been Framed seem to be someone doing appalling ” Dad Dancing ” at a family wedding only to trip over an obstacle and spend the evening in A+E. If pushed to come up with an astrological symbol to reflect this experience it would be hard to beat Sun […]

Neptune takes us Inter the Mystic

According to astrology there are only 7 really big clubs – Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Ajax, Inter and AC Milan. How so ? Because they are the only ones confident enough to know and publish their birth times. The biggest pain for astrologers is not having a time of day to work with. […]

Uranus and the Decline of the Roman Empire ?

The most overused word by the football media has to be ” crisis “. This week its Chelsea’s turn with a particularly downbeat performance in the transfer window capped by losing 3-0 at home to relegation threatened Bournemouth. But then again it was Arsenal’s turn on Tuesday and Liverpool’s on Saturday. So how can we […]