World Cup Prospects – Germany

It may be early days to look at the World Cup as its still 5 months away, but there are lots of teams to cover and Capricorn Research will endeavour to get round to the major players in good time. For now we should start with the holders. For a more detailed look at this […]

Stand by for a Mars Style Slog on the Tyne

For the last 18 months Capricorn Research has experienced a Pluto / Moon enforced sabbatical from astrological writing. In the real world not much has changed. Donald Trump is just as much of a disaster as everyone predicted and we are still arguing about Brexit. In the football world, however, everything moves at such a […]

Arsene Wenger – The Last Uranian ?

If Capricorn Research had a pound for every time I’ve read that the current New Moon in my sign is a ” good time to make a fresh start ” there would be no need to take my astrologically researched predictions to the local bookmakers. The trouble with such noble advice and general exhortations to positive […]

Football Managers Should Be Elected

These days in all areas of life, everyone is looking for a quick fix, for instant results and improvement. Living for the moment is in, building for the long term is out. Many people might say that it is the best way to respond to the sense of insecurity that they feel in an increasingly […]

What is Going on at Real Madrid ?

It seems like only yesterday that Madrid were picking up their 3rd Champions League trophy in 4 seasons. The latest one came along with the La Liga title, a combination that they had not matched since the days of Di Stefano and Puskas. Manager Zinedine Zidane could do no wrong, Cristiano Ronaldo was a shoe […]

Is this the end for the Fab Four ?

  When something tragic occurs, its always helpful to have someone to blame and like most 15 year old boys at the time, Capricorn Research was happy to blame Yoko. The Beatles broke up officially in April 1970 although they were all going their separate ways for a while. Looking back it seems amazing that […]